stm celebrates its anniversary
06 Ankara

STM Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Our company, which contributes significantly to Turkey's defense industry and national technology move, develops competitive, advanced technology, innovative and national solutions on a global scale, celebrates its 30th anniversary. Founded in 1991 with the decision of the Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) and its activities [more…]

amphibious assault ship preparations continue for anatolia
Sea Defence

Preparations Continue for Amphibious Assault Ship ANATOLIA

Turkish Naval Forces conducted joint trainings within the scope of the Operational Preparation Trainings of the Amphibious Task Group Command. The Ministry of National Defense stated that preparations were made for the Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship ANADOLU to be included in the inventory and that the Amphibious Task Group Command [more…]

Baykar Defense TB visited the Anatolian ship where the weapon will be deployed
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Baykar Savunma Visited TCG ANADOLU Ship to Deploy TB3 SİHA

Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar and the accompanying delegation visited the LHD TCG ANADOLU ship, where Bayraktar TB3 SİHA will be deployed. Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar, together with the accompanying delegation, LHD, which is planned to be the home of Bayraktar TB3 SİHA [more…]

Our national submarine charis, Piri Reis, was launched
41 Kocaeli

National Submarine Piri Reis Launched in Gölcük Shipyard

Piri Reis submarine was brought together with Mavi Vatan at Gölcük Shipyard. Shipyard employee Yılmaz Baypınar said, “We worked hard, worked hard…. We are proud… We brought our Karakız Pirireis to the sea. " shared his statements. Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Presidency of Defense Industry, [more…]

Coast Guard Command Supplies Local Tenders
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Coast Guard Command Supplies 6 Domestic UAVs

In the Minister's Presentation section of the 2021 Performance Program shared by the Coast Guard Command, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stated that 6 domestic and national production unmanned aerial vehicles were planned for the Coast Guard Command. Minister Soylu's Coast [more…]

Second p maritime station aircraft delivery took place
Sea Defence

Second P-72 Naval Patrol Aircraft Delivery Has Been Made

Deliveries continue in the MELTEM-3 project, which is carried out by the Presidency of Defense Industry, which provides significant added value to our Naval Forces Command in Defense of the Blue Homeland. Within the scope of the project, the second P-72 Marine Patrol Aircraft was delivered. SSB President Demir: “P-72 [more…]

tcg will be the anatolian ship
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In a special interview on NTV, Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir gave important information to TCG ANADOLU about the S / UAV systems to be deployed. An armed unmanned aerial vehicle will be deployed on the TCG ANADOLU amphibious assault ship. [more…]