tusas has renewed its website
06 Ankara

TAI Has Renewed Its Website

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), the pioneer of the Turkish aviation and space ecosystem, has renewed its website to better promote its developed air platforms to the world public. In the new website where technological innovations are integrated [more…]

Shooting was carried out with the axillary cross-wing guided kit.

AKSUNGUR SİHA Fires with the Wing Guidance Kit

SSB İsmail Demir said that the Aksungur Armed UAV was tested with the Winged Guidance Kit developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE. Turkey Istanbul Provincial Delegation organized by the National Youth Foundation Technology Academy program last session of the Presidential Defense Industries chairman Prof. [more…]

Meteksan helicopter has come to an end in obstacle detection system
06 Ankara

Meteksan Ends in Helicopter Obstacle Detection System

It has been announced that the laser-based Helicopter Obstacle Detection System signed between SSB and Meteksan has come to an end and will be introduced at IDEF'21. According to the newspaper published by Meteksan Defense, the laser-based Helicopter Obstacle Detection System has come to an end. Active Helicopter Obstacle Detection [more…]

water sm war plane belonging to kazakhstan air force fell
7 Kazakhstan

Su-30SM Fighter Jet Crashed by Kazakhstan Air Force

The Sukhoi Su-30 Flanker multipurpose fighter aircraft belonging to the Kazakhstan Air Defense Forces crashed in Balkaş in southeast Kazakhstan. On April 16 at 08:45, the SU-30 SM fighter crashed during the runway approach training at the Balkaş aviation training center. The crew, without a collision [more…]

Military training plane dropping off the sea in izmir
35 Izmir

A Crashing Military Training Aircraft Launched in Izmir

The KT-9 aircraft, which was crashed on April 2021, 1, was taken out of the sea by the TCG ALEMDAR rescue ship belonging to the Naval Forces Command. The statement on the subject was made through the official Twitter account of the Ministry of National Defense. According to the statement; April 9, 2021 [more…]