The rule to be a good player

9 Rules To Be A Good Player

Games are very popular nowadays. Many young people follow the game industry closely and want to become the best they can be in games. Achieving many things in life requires good planning. It [more…]

A first in history in the field of turk esports
41 Kocaeli

A First in History in Turkish Esports

While there has been a great increase in the number of municipalities supporting esports, which has been on the rise in Turkey in recent years, a first in history took place in the field of Turkish Esports yesterday. For the first time, two Metropolitan Municipalities were followed by thousands of players. [more…]

Good news to companies exporting games

Good News to Game Issuing Companies

The Communiqué Amending the Value Added Tax (VAT) General Implementation Communiqué, prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. With the amendment, service export exemption VAT refunds [more…]