Minister Karaismailoglu Btkda Met with Young People

Minister Karaismailoğlu came together with the youth at BTK

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoglu and AK Party Istanbul Deputy Rümeysa Kadak met with the youth within the scope of the visit to the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) International Cyber ​​Incidents Response Center (USOM). Internet access, fiber infrastructure, internet [more…]

Job opportunities will increase with digitalization

Job Opportunities Will Increase With Digitalization

Halıcı Group CEO Dr. Hüseyin Halıcı pointed out that, contrary to the general perception in society, employment opportunities will increase with robots and digitalization. Halıcı Group CEO Dr. Hüseyin Halıcı stated that robots and digitalization will lead to unemployment in society. [more…]

camlica tower turkey pride on the world, on the example of a project
34 Istanbul

Camlica Tower pride for Turkey, a Project Example for the World

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, visited Çamlıca Tower. Reminding that the last preparations were made, Karaismailoğlu made important statements. Karaismailoğlu, reminding that the finishing touches were made on the tower, served the whole world as the work of Turkish engineers and young people of Çamlıca Tower. [more…]

Pay attention to these to stay safe in the clubhouse

Beware Of These To Stay Safe In The Clubhouse!

The voice-driven social network Clubhouse continues to attract users from all over the world. Keepnet Labs warns users not to let go of caution against the illusion of trust created by the application. Occurring during the period of closure to homes due to the epidemic [more…]

text threat

Threat via Text Message

The process of closing home, which entered our lives with the pandemic, has highlighted e-commerce more than ever. Cybercriminals aim to deceive people through SMS (text messages) they create. Accessing the identity information of users by clicking on the fake cargo notifications they send to their mobile phones, [more…]

The period is starting contactless payment turkiyede

Contactless Month Period Begins in Turkey

Turkey's financial technology company offering next-generation payment solutions Sipay, corporate and individual users of products and services offered range has incorporated a new application. mobile POS payment systems in physical stores as a first in Turkey [more…]

tse standard for second hand mobile phones

TSE Standard for Second Hand Mobile Phone Sales

Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), in order to bring second-hand mobile phones to the economy and to use them safely; published the "Workplaces - Rules for Mobile Phone Renewal Centers" standard to be certified, renewed and put on the market. According to the standard [more…]

airbus space technology reached marsa
31 Netherlands

Airbus Space Technology Reaches Mars

NASA's Perseverance spacecraft relies on the weather station and communications antenna built by Airbus When NASA's Perseverance spacecraft lands on the surface of the Red planet on Thursday (tomorrow), Airbus technology will accompany it: MEDA Meteorological station, science [more…]

What is Ohmic Resistance

What is Ohmic Resistance?

Ohmic is one of the inductive properties shown by electrical circuits. When alternating voltage is applied to an electrical circuit, if the current passing through the circuit is in the same phase with the applied voltage, it means the circuit behaves ohmic. Ohmic circuits contain elements of resistance. But in an electrical circuit [more…]

Drinking water networks targeted by hackers
1 America

Drinking Water Networks Targeted by Hackers

Cyber ​​attackers began attacking drinking water networks after industrial facilities, hospitals and public institutions. In the city of Oldsmar, Florida, United States, a hacker penetrated the water supply network that supplies drinking water to the public, and [more…]

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