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White Paper Fees

It is the presentation of advertising and information together. The advertorial word structure is derived from the combination of the words "advertising" and "editorial". When making an advertorial advertisement for any product or service, it is aimed to deliver it to the target audience with information. Since we are in the internet age, advertorial ad alternatives rather than fictional ads affect both advertisers and target audience much more. For this reason, the return rate of an advertorial advertisement, also known as a promotional article, is quite high.

No Term Size 1 3 10 20
5.1 Introduction letter 900 words 150 428  1.350  2.400


No Term Size 1 3 10 20
6.1 Introduction letter Link editing 50 143 450 800

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  • Prices do not include VAT for all ads.

Required Conditions

  • The links in the promotional articles should be at most 3.
  • 5 photos or 1 video are accepted.
  • A promotional letter containing bets, gambling, over the age of 18, cigarettes, tobacco and e-cigarettes is not accepted.

Your introduction Contact@rayhaber.com You can send it to our address or you can contact us at the phone number below.


After the promotional letter is published, the link of the publication is sent to the customer. On the same day after the check, the payment is charged as bank transfer or PayPal payments.

Payment is received in weekly and monthly packages in advance.

Contact information

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