What is Nerve Compression? What are the symptoms and treatment methods?

What is Nerve Compression? What are the Symptoms and Treatment Methods?
What is Nerve Compression? What are the Symptoms and Treatment Methods?

📩 13/11/2023 14:42

Anadolu Health Center Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Selçuk Göçmen made statements about nerve compression disease.

Stating that the conservative treatment applied for mild and moderate nerve compressions is to eliminate the pressure on the nerve, and that anti-inflammatory drugs can also be prescribed or cortisone injections can be administered in the treatment, Göçmen said:

“If patients do not improve with rest, rehabilitation or other treatments and if severe nerve compression is detected in the examinations, surgical treatment may be appropriate. In open surgery, an incision is made, the bands that put pressure on the nerve are cut and the nerve is released. In the endoscopic method, a small incision is made and the band is cut from the inside with an endoscopic camera and the pressure is removed. Both methods are usually performed under local anesthesia. The surgery takes approximately 30 minutes and the patient can be hospitalized for the day.”

Stating that there are 7 ways to protect nerves, Göçmen said:

“If you constantly use a keyboard/mouse, do not keep your wrists bent for long periods of time. Pay attention to your sitting, lying and standing positions and do not stay in a wrong position for a long time. For example, do not sit with your legs crossed or in a cross-legged position for long periods of time. Do not work with your elbows leaning on the table or anywhere else. Do not carry too much weight with your hands and do not keep your wrists bent. Perform regular stretching exercises to keep ligaments, joints and muscles strong. "If you have diabetes, goiter or rheumatological disease, do not neglect your routine check-ups."