Seafront Living Area for Disabled People in Ordu

Seafront Living Area for Disabled People in Ordu
Seafront Living Area for Disabled People in Ordu

📩 21/11/2023 12:14

Cumhuriyet Disabled Park Project, which was implemented by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in the Cumhuriyet District of Altınordu district, at the seafront location, was completed and put into service for the citizens. The area, where citizens of all ages can spend time, has become a frequent destination for neighborhood residents.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues to add value to the districts with its work in both urban planning and urban aesthetics. The Metropolitan Municipality, which is appreciated for its work in every field, is increasing the number of social living spaces such as parks, green areas and recreation areas day by day.

In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, which is working in Altınordu district, transformed the 20 decare swamp area in Cumhuriyet District into a new social reinforcement area with the works carried out. The residents of the neighborhood, who are happy with the unique new place designed for the use of disabled citizens, close to the seaside in Cumhuriyet District, thanked Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. for the work. He thanked Mehmet Hilmi Güler.


Evaluating the work done in the neighborhood, Cumhuriyet Neighborhood Headman Uğur Özcan pointed out that previously a swampy area is now the new living space of the neighborhood residents.

Mukhtar Uğur Özcan said:

“Our neighborhood is a 40-year-old neighborhood. Dear Dr. Before Mehmet Hilmi Güler became our President, this place was a swamp. People are coming here now. In addition to our neighborhood residents, our guests even from Giresun come to this park. “We thank our president very much.”


Neighborhood residents expressed their satisfaction that the place where they could not pass through mud before was used as a recreation area.

Due to the work done, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Citizens thanked Mehmet Hilmi Güler and made the following statements:

“Before, we couldn't pass through the mud here. This was an unnavigable, swampy area. Thanks to the work done, we are now here every morning and every evening. Our children are very happy. We would like to thank everyone who contributed, especially our Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. He gave a beautiful place to Ordu and Cumhuriyet District. The lighting and natural beauty were a wonderful place. We, the residents of Cumhuriyet District, are very happy here. In our opinion, our President gave an example of municipalism to Turkey. "I'm glad we have a president."


On the other hand, the recreation and park area, whose works were completed by the Metropolitan Municipality at a seafront location in Cumhuriyet District and designed according to the needs of disabled citizens, was built on an area of ​​approximately 20 decares.

The project, which was implemented in a wooded area, includes a walking path, camellias and barrier-free camellias, garbage bins, fountain, lighting elements, children's playground, adventure park, WC, disabled WC, baby care room, prayer room and ablution room, sales kiosk, multi-purpose facilities for the disabled. The sports field also includes a bocce sports area for disabled athletes and a parking lot for 40 vehicles.