Teachers Meet Art at Istanbul Modern

Teachers Meet Art at Istanbul Modern
Teachers Meet Art at Istanbul Modern

📩 21/11/2023 14:34

Istanbul Modern is launching its program called "Museum Guide for Teachers", specially prepared for teachers, on November 24, Teachers' Day. The "Museum Guide for Teachers" program, implemented by Istanbul Modern in cooperation with the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education to contribute to the professional and personal development of teachers, aims to contribute to teachers' curriculum with content that focuses on examining, discovering and interpreting works of art in the museum.

The "Museum Guide for Teachers" training program includes four different museum guides inspired by Istanbul Modern's collection and prepared according to the education level of students, teacher workshops that guide teachers in the application of these guides, and classroom activity suggestions titled "My Museum Diary" prepared for students.

Teachers all over Turkey can access the guides by registering with Istanbul Modern. Through guides, teachers can strengthen students' experiential learning experience in the classroom with content that analyzes the concepts they study at school through works.

Free art education for 860 thousand children and young people

Expressing the importance the museum has attached to art education since the first day it was founded, Istanbul Modern Chairman of the Board Oya Eczacıbaşı pointed out that 19 thousand children and young people have been offered free art education under the roof of the museum in 860 years. Eczacıbaşı continued:

“I attach great importance to bringing together students, 90 percent of whom come from public schools, with artists and works in the museum and developing their creativity through art. Through the guides we prepare for our teachers, we aim to both contribute to their development and offer their students a different learning experience. "These guides, which we will present to our teachers on November 24, Teachers' Day, show once again that a contemporary museum can also be an educational institution," he said.

We reviewed the curriculum

Istanbul Modern Education Director Neslihan Varol stated that while preparing the guide for teachers, they examined the curriculum from pre-school to high school in detail and worked on it for a year. Varol said, “Our teachers also guided us while preparing the Museum Guide for Teachers. For example, after the age of 10, abstract and conceptual thinking skills begin to develop. In the guide we prepared specifically for this age group, we aimed to help them see what concepts such as 'abstract' and 'abstraction' correspond to in the museum and in the works. We examine the concept of 'realism' through figurative art works for high school students. We tried to convey information regarding the interpretation and discussion of works of art. "We offered young people content that strengthens their empathy and artistic expression skills," he said.

museum guides

Museum guides, which include puzzles, drama activities and question-answer learning experiences that teachers can perform with their students in the museum, are inspired by the artists and their works in the Istanbul Modern collection.

Museum Guides, which contain four different themes according to the education level of the students, are "Shapes and Colors" for kindergarten teachers, "Contemporary Art" for primary school 4st and 5th grade teachers, and "Abstract or Concrete" for primary school 8th-9th grade teachers. ?” and focuses on “Modern Figurative” concepts for secondary 12–XNUMXth grade teachers.

Special workshops for teachers

Istanbul Modern will also organize workshops to guide 150 teachers, including special education teachers, every year to ensure that teachers effectively apply the museum guides.

“My Museum Diary” for Students

Developed in parallel with the museum guides, "My Museum Diary" includes classroom activity suggestions that prepare students for the museum experience and reinforce the information learned in the museum. Students can write their ideas about their artworks, draw their creative ideas, or reflect their imaginations in their museum journals.

Museum pleasure for teachers from Istanbul Modern

On the other hand, Istanbul Modern will be free for all teachers on Friday, November 24. On this special day, teachers can visit the museum's collection exhibition "Floating Islands", "Nuri Bilge Ceylan: Elsewhere", "We Are Always Here" and "Renzo Piano: The Spirit of the Place" exhibitions, which include the works of female artists.