Children's Council in Mersin Began to Have a Say in the City Administration

Children's Council in Mersin Began to Have a Say in the City Administration
Children's Council in Mersin Began to Have a Say in the City Administration

📩 12/11/2023 12:15

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, by saying 'The Light of the Republic is in our 100', broke new ground in the Republic century, which has completed a century, and implemented the Children's Assembly. The Children's Council, which is a project implemented by the Department of Women and Family Services so that children can have a say in the city administration and take an active role in solving city-related problems with the child-friendly municipality approach, elected its president and held its first Council meeting.

In the first meeting attended by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, children who were members of the Assembly from 13 districts competed for the presidency. As a result of the votes, Anamur Council member Meriç Yeşilçayır won the Presidency, and the commission members were also determined at the meeting.

Anamur Assembly Member Meriç Yeşilçayır won the election

Thanking Mayor Vahap Seçer for providing such an opportunity to children, Meriç Yeşilçayır said that she joined the Parliament to be the voice of children living in rural areas and who cannot participate in sports, arts and education activities. Stating that he was very happy to win, Yeşilçayır said, “Children are the heart of the city. That's why I'm so happy to take this position. I promise to always listen to the children. It would be right to look at everything from a child's perspective. I would like to thank everyone who supported me and those who did not. "I would like to congratulate the other candidates and I promise to always listen to their ideas," he said.

Projects from children for all the problems of the city from Anamur to Tarsus

Stating that she feels lucky to be in the Parliament, temporary Council and Yenişehir Council member Ecrinnur Aytekin said, “I hope very good projects can be achieved. What I humbly want is to raise awareness about equality, accessibility and barrier-free life. I want studies to be done on this subject. "Of course, since I want equality to be in every field, I want to attach importance to carrying out studies on this in education, culture, art, environment, health and similar fields," he said, emphasizing that he will work for an accessible Mersin.

Noting that more comprehensive studies should be carried out for children who have difficulties in accessing education, Yenişehir Council member Furkan Eymen Yıldızçelik said, “I am taking part in the Parliament with the request to open special courses for our specially talented children. Such courses are very expensive. "All children have something in which they want to be talented, and we can improve the world with these talents," he said.

Gülnar Council member Mustafa Baldemirli said, “We have a library in Gülnar, but our books are old, we do not have a place to play chess or take a mathematics course. "I entered the Parliament demanding that these be provided," he said.

Stating that she entered the Parliament to bring Mut's problems to the Children's Council, Mut Council member Ecenur Özer said, “There is only one library in Mut and it is not enough for us. I want new libraries to be opened. Also, we do not have bicycle paths, and accidents occur because there are no roads. I want a bicycle path to be built. "Our university brothers and sisters do not have a dormitory to stay in, and I demand that a dormitory be built for them as well," he said.