A 7,5 Million Year Old Fossil Recovered in Kayseri

A Million-Year-Old Fossil Recovered in Kayseri
A Million-Year-Old Fossil Recovered in Kayseri

📩 20/11/2023 14:03

The 7,5 million-year-old fossil fauna, whose excavations were supported by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and attracted the attention of the world, meets with citizens through revival efforts. The exhibition, which includes species from the families Proboscidae, Bovidae and Giraffidae, opens on Monday at the Metropolitan Municipality Foyer Area.

Metropolitan Mayor Dr. The revival efforts of the 7,5 million-year-old fossil fauna, to which Memduh Büyükkılıç attaches special importance and which he thinks sheds light on the geological history of the world, continues with the support of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. In this context, the 20 million-year-old fossil fauna will be revived on Monday, December 10.00, at 7,5:2018. Animation works, the launch of the Lost Fauna Documentary and the opening of the Painting Exhibition will be held in the foyer area of ​​the Metropolitan Municipality. The exhibition will feature fossils of many different species of living creatures unearthed since XNUMX and replica riots obtained using these fossils, as well as Proboscidae, Bovidae and Giraffidae. Species from the (Giraffeaceae) family will be exhibited. The erection works made by combining the parts of Choerolophodon, one of the most important finds, have been completed and its replica created with an exact mold taken from the skull will also be exhibited in the exhibition.


Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. In his statement, Memduh Büyükkılıç stated that the 7,5 million-year-old fossils that reveal the riches of Kayseri are unique in the world. Inviting all citizens to the exhibition opening, which will be held in the Metropolitan Municipality foyer area on Monday, December 20, Mayor Büyükkılıç said, “We are exhibiting the 7,5 million-year-old fossil fauna, unique in the world, in the Metropolitan Municipality Foyer area. These fossils are literally our cultural heritage. It is our duty to explain and promote this cultural heritage to the public in the best way possible. We tried to protect an area that nature preserved and bequeathed to us, and we endeavored to recognize and promote it. We see that Kayseri determines the history of nature again. It is important for our Kayseri and for the international dimension. " he said.