Izmir Products on Market Shelves in the USA

Izmir Products on Market Shelves in the USA
Izmir Products on Market Shelves in the USA

📩 15/11/2023 11:58

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible", the Izmirli brand, which was born with the hard work of the local producer, was quickly adopted by the urban residents. Citizens who carry the meat, milk and blackfish products on the shelves of the People's Grocery/People's Butcher to their tables expressed their pride in seeing products from Izmir on the supermarket shelves in the USA.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe "Izmirli" branded products, which were launched with the aim of "turning the small producer of Izmir into an exporter", were appreciated in a short time and took their place on the tables. IzTarım A.Ş., a subsidiary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Meat, milk and black pepper products purchased from small producers were transformed into high value-added products and put on the market under the İzmirli brand. Izmir products, which are exported to many countries around the world, especially America and Canada, also attract attention in the People's Grocery Store/People's Butcher stores, which were established by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to deliver healthy, cheap and reliable food to the public, the number of which has reached 12 via mobile buses.

Izmirli products can also be accessed on izmirliden.com.

“America does not accept every product”

Sabri and Vahide Oral couple, who consume Izmir branded cheeses produced at the Bayındır 100th Year Milk Processing Factory, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality opened its doors last month based on the words of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, "Every factory is a castle", said, "It was a very good practice." . "We want Izmir branded products to become more widespread and the varieties to be increased," he said. Stating that they had just learned that the milk factory had been opened, the Oral couple continued their words as follows: “We were looking for goat milk and sheep milk instead of cow milk; We found it at the People's Grocery Store. I will buy from here from now on. Again, the appearance of the meat is very nice. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which established TANSAŞ in the past, has now established People's Grocery Stores. They offer cheap and quality food to the public. We recommend it to everyone. Our daughter lives abroad, we saw her there too. It is a source of pride for Türkiye that these products go to America. America does not accept every product, they do a lot of analysis. “It was very good.”

“Formerly TANSAŞ, now there is People's Grocery Store”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerStating that 's cooperative model has touched lives in many areas from People's Grocery to People's Housing, Sinan Tutar said, “It was great that Izmir products went to America. It was also a source of pride for us. Today, because the cost of milk is high, cheese is also expensive. But we can reach you at affordable prices. There are quality cheeses. We buy meat from the People's Grocery Store. I really like the activities of the municipality. As with these products, I saw that the municipality also built earthquake victims' houses through cooperatives. I like it so much. People were left helpless, their houses were destroyed. Despite the high costs incurred by contractors, the municipality acts as a contractor. People become happy through cooperation. This is what is called social municipalism. There is an activity to protect people with low purchasing power. "We used to have TANSAŞ in Izmir, now we have People's Grocery Store," he said.

“The Retired People's Butcher eats affordable and healthy meat”

Aytekin Karabacak, who consumes meat products prepared from local meat at the Ödemiş Meat Integrated Facility of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and available in the Halkın Butcher sections at affordable prices, said: “There is cheap, high quality and clean meat. That's why I prefer it. Having Izmir Metropolitan Municipality behind it is an important reason for preference. We want it to become more widespread. Because today they call Agriculture and Credit Cooperatives, we go, the prices are no different from the market shelves. There is a big difference in Public Grocery Stores. At least we're using that money elsewhere. I am a retired civil servant. Retired people have difficulty eating meat products anymore. "We can now eat affordable meat with the People's Butcher," he said.

"Tunç SoyerWe appreciate “

Nevval Eşki, “Tunç SoyerWe appreciate him very much for his work. He's doing very good things. "I thank him for his service for the future," he said.

Fatma Arı said, “Tunç SoyerWe thank . We have been shopping here since the People's Grocery store opened. They have very nice products. “We recommend it to everyone,” he said.