İGA Istanbul Airport, the Choice of the People of Istanbul

📩 16/11/2023 15:44

The increasing satisfaction of the guests of İGA Istanbul Airport, which continues to strengthen its position as the world's most important global transfer hub, draws attention with each passing year. According to the third taste survey conducted by GfK (Growth from Knowledge) this year; 89 percent of passengers flying from İGA Istanbul Airport stated that they were satisfied with the service they received.

The 2023 results of the research, which is repeated annually by İGA Istanbul Airport to identify areas where the airport can be improved, with the motivation of providing a perfect travel experience to all its passengers, have been announced. According to the study conducted by GfK; It was determined that the airport preferred by the people of Istanbul is İGA Istanbul Airport.

It was noted that the "liking" rate of İGA Istanbul Airport increased compared to the research in previous years. In the study conducted for the first time in 2021, the public's approval rate for İGA Istanbul Airport was 84 percent; It was measured at 2022 percent in 83. According to the results of the research in 2023, the percentage of people living in Istanbul who liked the service they received from İGA Istanbul Airport increased to 89 percent.

Participants were also asked why they liked İGA Istanbul Airport. According to this; “being large/wide” was determined as the highest scoring appreciation criterion. In addition, "being clean", "the employees being helpful and friendly", "being spacious, tidy and tidy" were among the prominent reasons for appreciation. When research participants were asked to evaluate İGA Istanbul Airport within the framework of certain criteria, the prominent answers given were as follows: attaching importance to passenger satisfaction, the airport being more technologically advanced compared to its competitors, providing facilities for passengers with special needs and children, and being a prestigious airport.

The people of Istanbul also emphasized that İGA Istanbul Airport is an institution that "strives to provide the best service". On the other hand, in the research, the airport's location "far from the city center" was expressed as an area that could be improved. Alternatively, passengers can use the M11 metro line (Gayrettepe – Istanbul Airport – Halkalı) will be able to reach the airport from the city center in 24 minutes with the completion of the metro line.

Deputy CEO of İGA Istanbul Airport, Selahattin Bilgen, said in his statement on the subject: “We organize and manage all operational processes of our airport in the light of scientific studies and as a result of research. In this regard, we are very pleased that the service we offer to our passengers is appreciated more and more every year. İGA Istanbul Airport strives to offer its services perfectly, designed not only for different cultures but also for different age groups and the special needs of passengers, with the understanding of Turkish hospitality, to millions of passengers from hundreds of different countries. “As an airport serving the whole world, we will continue our efforts to further increase this appreciation rate.” he said.