Artist Hayri Karay Became the Winner of the İGA ART Art Projects Competition

Artist Hayri Karay Became the Winner of the İGA ART Art Projects Competition
Artist Hayri Karay Became the Winner of the İGA ART Art Projects Competition

📩 07/11/2023 15:00

Implemented by İGA Istanbul Airport, the meeting point of the world, in order to contribute to the culture and art environment of our country; The winner of the İGA ART Art Projects Competition, which is open to every suggestion, every technique, every artist and designer, was artist Hayri Karay.

İGA ART, the gateway of İGA Istanbul Airport to art, brought together artists from all over the world at the İGA ART Art Projects Competition. Artist Hayri Karay was the winner of the "İGA ART Art Projects Competition", where one of the biggest awards ever given in the field of culture and arts in Turkey was presented.

Karay was presented with the award at a ceremony held at İGA Istanbul Airport.

A total of 2023 projects from Turkey and the world participated in the IGA ART Art Projects Competition, which was held for the second time this year and the first stage of which was implemented at the beginning of 172. After the determination of the 10 projects that made it to the finals, the second stage of the competition started on October 20, 2023. As a result of the jury evaluation, in which the scale models of the 10 finalist projects were examined, Hayri Karay's work became the winner of 2 million TL.

Speaking at the award ceremony, İGA Istanbul Airport Deputy CEO Selahattin Bilgen said:

“We believe that it is extremely meaningful to bring our society and artists together at a common point at İGA Istanbul Airport, where we host more than 200 thousand passengers every day. Artists represent the future of a nation, even of all humanity. İGA ART is an exemplary platform worldwide in this context, embracing artists from all walks of life, regardless of religion, language, race or age, and providing the 'free space' that art and artists need most, allowing them to make their voices heard to the world. Thus, İGA Istanbul Airport has earned the right to be considered the largest public art area within the borders of our country. I wholeheartedly congratulate our artist Hayri Karay, who won the İGA ART Art Projects Competition this year. As İGA, we will continue to contribute to the promotion of our country by bringing our passengers together with the healing and peaceful power of art.”

Congratulating the artist Hayri Karay, the winner of the grand prize, İGA ART Executive Board Member Prof. Gülveli Kaya made the following statements in her speech: “İGA ART brings together the values ​​and artists of our country with the world, with the mission of being the cultural cradle of Anatolia. As Mevlana said, "Either appear as you are, or be as you appear," İGA ART is an institution both as it is and as it appears. While it is possible to collaborate with world-famous artists in the international arena, it is very important to open space for the artists of its own country with its own resources. In this regard, we are pleased to be gathered here again today with the unifying power of art.” he said.

Artist Hayri Karay, the winner of the grand prize, expressed his feelings as follows: “I would like to thank İGA ART for their contribution to art. It is an honor for me to create such a work on the 100th anniversary of our Republic. “I dedicate my work to the 100th anniversary of our Republic.”

Artist Hayri Karay's work will meet art lovers

Artist Hayri Karay's semi-abstract work explains the diversity and ethnographic sociability of Anatolian culture with a visual dance that makes use of light-shadow-form games. Variability is emphasized with the harmony, balance, contrast and movement of opposing geometric and organic shapes. The work is aimed to be completed in 2024 and meet guests at İGA Istanbul Airport.

The jury group of the İGA ART Art Projects Competition; International Association of Art Critics (AICA-Turkey) member Nazlı Pektaş, Academician and painter Prof. Dr. Gülveli Kaya, Academician and curator Prof. Dr. It consists of people who work in various fields of art, from painting to sculpture, from architecture to criticism, from curation to academics, including Markus Graf, İGA Istanbul Airport Design Manager Esra Doğutepe, Turkish Design Foundation Board Member Mehmet Ali Güveli and valuable artists Seçkin Pirim and Seyhun Topuz.

The winner of the İGA ART Art Projects Competition, held for the first time in 2022, was Betül Kotil's project called "Saya's Voice". Kotil's open work is exhibited at İGA Istanbul Airport, welcoming millions of visitors from different cultures.