The Biggest Companies in Bursa Have Been Announced

The Biggest Companies in Bursa Have Been Announced
The Biggest Companies in Bursa Have Been Announced

The results of the 'Bursa 26 Large Companies Research-250', which was conducted for the 2022th time this year by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) in order to shed light on the city's economy, have been announced. According to the net sales of the companies, the top three were Tofaş, Oyak Renault and Uludağ Elektrik, respectively. Stating that Bursa's business community continues to work faithfully and diligently in line with Turkey's development goals despite all the conditions limiting trade, BTSO Chairman of the Board of Directors İbrahim Burkay said, "We will achieve much greater success by continuing the fight against inflation with determination and ensuring financial stability." said.

'Bursa 250 Large Companies Research - 2022', one of BTSO's most comprehensive field studies, has been concluded. Accordingly, the net sales of the Big 250 companies reached 116 billion TL, an increase of 664,7 percent compared to the previous year, due to the effect of high inflation and increases in foreign exchange rates. At the end of 2022, CPI was calculated as 64,27 percent and PPI was calculated as 97,72 percent.

Sales from Production Increased by 112 Percent

The added value created by the 250 Large Companies in 2022 increased by 2021 percent compared to 86, reaching 104 billion TL. When the periods in question are compared, the equity capital of Bursa's largest companies increased by 133 percent to 192,3 billion TL, their asset size increased by 88 percent to 450,2 billion TL, and their period profits increased by 88 percent to 56,4 billion TL. billion TL, and sales from production reached 112 billion TL, with an increase of 454 percent.

250 Billion Dollars Export from 13,5 Large Companies

The export performance of the Big 250 Companies reached 8,2 billion dollars, with an increase of 13,5 percent. While the companies within the scope of the research provide employment to 170 thousand people, the increase rate in this field was 6 percent. Within the scope of the study, the companies' profit/loss size before interest, depreciation and tax (EBITDA) were also evaluated. Accordingly, the EBITDA size of Bursa 2022 increased by 250 percent in 149,5. The EBITDA size, which was 2021 billion TL in 43,25, increased to 2022 billion TL in 108. According to the 250 Large Companies Research, while the number of companies making a profit in 2021 was 217, this number increased to 2022 in 227.

Automotive Weight in Net Sales

In the sectoral distribution of the companies included in the Bursa 250 Large Companies Research, the automotive sub-industry leads with 59 companies. 40 of the companies on the list operate in the textile sector, and 26 operate in the fields of food, agriculture and animal husbandry. The contribution of automotive sub-industry companies to net sales was 107,1 billion TL, food, agriculture and livestock sector representatives 63,8 billion TL, and textile sector representatives 50,4 billion TL.

Tofaş is at the top

According to the results of the research in which companies are ranked according to their net sales, Tofaş took the first place with a net sales figure of 71,9 billion TL. Oyak Renault finished 62,6 in second place with net sales of 2022 billion TL. Uludağ Elektrik ranks third on the list with 40,9 billion TL. These companies were followed by Borçelik, TGS, Bosch, Sütaş, Sarten Ambalaj, Asil Çelik and Bamesa Çelik, respectively.

Bursa 250 Large Companies Research, It can also be examined in detail on the extension website.

“We Did Not Give Up on Production Even in Extraordinary Conditions”

BTSO Chairman of the Board of Directors, İbrahim Burkay, said that they carried out the 'Bursa 250 Large Companies Research' for the 26th time in order to shed light on the city economy in Bursa, which is among the locomotive cities of the Turkish economy. President Burkay said, “Despite the negative effects of the ongoing wars in our nearby geography, high inflation figures that test record levels all over the world, and uncertainties on trade, our companies showed a significant performance in all economic indicators, especially production, employment and exports. “I wholeheartedly congratulate all our companies who contribute to the development goals of our country by working with faith and determination even under extraordinary conditions and who deserve all kinds of appreciation.” said.

“Fighting Inflation and Financial Stability”

Pointing out that the Turkish business world has gone through ups and downs throughout the 100-year history of the Republic, Mayor Burkay said: “However, no matter how great the difficulties we encountered, we have never been a slave to despair. We never gave up on production, exports and creating new employment areas. "We will continue to work with all our strength for the future and prosperity of our country, as we did yesterday, today and tomorrow."

Pointing out that Turkey started its new century with the aim of being among the 10 largest economies in the world, İbrahim Burkay said that this determination and belief will be further strengthened by removing the obstacles to production and commercial life. Stating that the most important expectations of the business world in this period are the success of the fight against inflation and the restoration of financial stability, İbrahim Burkay said, "In this context, the steps taken by our economic management and the support provided to our businesses are of great importance." he said.

“Green and Digital Transformation Reshapes Sectors”

BTSO Chairman of the Board of Directors, İbrahim Burkay, stated that supply channels and competitive conditions are changing rapidly on a global scale, and that a slowdown in domestic demand is expected within the scope of the fight against inflation, and drew attention to the importance of planning based on sales, stock, supply, scale management and efficiency. İbrahim Burkay stated that in a period when developments that reshape sectors such as green transformation, digital transformation and artificial intelligence are gaining momentum, innovative goods and services containing innovation, design and technology should be considered as distinguishing elements.

“Our Companies Need New Generation Incentives”

Stating that manufacturing companies in Bursa need planned areas that are suitable for economies of scale, allow capacity increases, and have modern transportation facilities, Burkay continued as follows: “If we can achieve this and support our companies with new generation incentives, we can make a much stronger growth move. The way to achieve this is through spatial planning. I wholeheartedly believe that Bursa, which has managed to be the capital of production and trade throughout history, will be a strong center of attraction on a global scale in the 'Turkey Century' with the exemplary unity, perseverance and determination of our business world.”