ASELSAN Entered the Turkish Century Fast

ASELSAN Entered Türkiye's Century Fast
ASELSAN Entered Türkiye's Century Fast

📩 01/11/2023 14:08

The financial results of Turkey's flag carrier ASELSAN for the first nine months of 2023 have been announced. ASELSAN's turnover grew by 81 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching 32,1 billion TL.

According to the statement made by ASELSAN to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) regarding the nine-month financial results, the company's gross profit increased by 75 percent, while Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation and Tax (EBITDA) increased by 74 percent. ASELSAN's net profit increased by 72 percent and reached 9,8 billion TL.

Largest Order Amount in History

ASELSAN General Manager Ahmet AKYOL pointed out that the company brought firsts to the Turkish nation in the 100th anniversary of the Republic and said, “As ASELSAN, we became the flag bearer of our country in the defense industry in the first century of our Republic. We showed the fruits of these efforts with our first nine-month financial results. While continuing our profitable growth in the first nine months of 2023, we reached 10,8 billion dollars, the largest outstanding order amount in our history, with the total of the works we received. We have entered the Turkish Century with confident steps with the new contracts we signed with our stakeholders, especially friendly and brotherly countries.

We Donated Our National Systems

In the first nine months of 2023, we showcased some of our national systems for the first time, which will provide our security forces with new capabilities in the field. We developed Turkey's first autonomous underwater vehicle, DERİNGÖZ, for our Blue Homeland. The ALBATROS Kamikaze Unmanned Marine Vehicle swarm, which we developed with our national engineering power, neutralized the target ship in the tests carried out in Mersin and opened a new era in today's unmanned systems.

In the first nine months of signing our signature with our advanced technology, we have achieved important milestones in the GÜRZ Hybrid Air Defense System, GÖKSUR Close Air Defense Missile System, GÖKDEMİR Missile Launching System and GÖKBERK Mobile Laser Weapon Systems, which will strengthen the defense of the sky homeland. While these systems eliminate our dependence on foreign countries, they provide much superior performance than equivalent systems. We aim to eliminate possible threats in the war environment of the future with our new electronic warfare and unmanned systems consisting of EJDERHA, ERTUNGA, SÖKMEN and TUNGA.

In the first nine months, which were very productive for ASELSAN, we brought the GÖZDE guidance kit, SADAK national release system, KARAKURT Reconnaissance and Targeting Systems, YARASA HF Electronic Support System and AYI HF Electronic Attack System to our country. We shield against the diversifying threats of today's battlefield with ASELSAN technologies.

Our Investments Are Increasing

As ASELSAN, we continue to make serious investments in order to develop and produce all these technologies. We have recently commissioned our new Avionics Production Facility. We have completed our AESA Radar Integration and Production Building. We started the investment of our Guided Ammunition additional production facility. We have also initiated the work on strategic investments in air defense, radar, electronic warfare and microelectronic systems. All these investments are a clear statement that ASELSAN is walking towards the future with great self-confidence.

ASELSAN's Türkiye Century Goals

As ASELSAN, we have largely achieved our goal of developing local and national systems in the first century of our republic. In the second century of our Republic, we set three main goals for ourselves. The first is to make the best products in its field, the second is to break new ground in the world, and the third is to grow export-oriented in higher technology. We will open up new routes with the values ​​we create in the global market. We will contribute to the security of friendly and allied countries by using various cooperation models. "We will continue to present our independent, national, advanced technologies to the new century of our republic with greater determination."