The Budget Allocated to Family and Youth Will Increase

The Budget Allocated to Family and Youth Will Increase
The Budget Allocated to Family and Youth Will Increase

📩 13/11/2023 12:10

According to the work plan on the official website of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the Bill on the Establishment of the Family and Youth Fund will be discussed in the General Assembly, which will start its weekly work on Tuesday, November 14.

According to the proposal, the Family and Youth Fund, which has a public legal entity affiliated with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, will be established. The board of directors of the fund will consist of 5 people, chaired by the Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance, Deputy Minister of Family and Social Services, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology.

The Fund Board of Directors will determine the projects to which resources will be transferred, the amount of resources to be transferred, and expenditure programs. In addition, financial data regarding the Fund will be shared with the public at least every 6 months.


On the other hand, discussions on the 2024 budget will continue in the Planning and Budget Commission. The commission is expected to discuss the budgets of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry tomorrow, the Ministry of National Education on Tuesday, November 14, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Wednesday, November 15, the Ministry of National Defense on Thursday, November 16, and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on Friday, November 17.

Group meetings of the political parties that have groups in the Turkish Grand National Assembly will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.