Fear of Loneliness Can Lead to Panic Attacks

Fear of Loneliness Can Lead to Panic Attacks
Fear of Loneliness Can Lead to Panic Attacks

📩 05/10/2023 12:46

Expert Psychologist Kaan Üçyıldız gave important information on the subject. Fear of loneliness is a type of phobia that manifests itself as a person's extreme fear and anxiety of being alone. A person who has a fear of loneliness feels intense anxiety even if he or she is physically safe. So the fear of loneliness is about much more than feeling safe.

A person who has a fear of loneliness may feel insecure, unhappy, anxious and depressed. A person may become dependent on other people over time due to the anxiety he feels.

Fear of being alone is different from feeling lonely. Many people experience feelings of loneliness when they cannot form social relationships or spend time in social areas. People with fear of being alone feel intense anxiety and fear when they are alone or when there is a situation that makes them think they are alone. Over time, worries and fears turn into obsessions and begin to cause great harm to the person psychologically and physically.

In order to suppress the fear of loneliness, the person tries to be very social and communicate with others and aims to spend most of the day in this way, but the anxiety and fear felt at the first opportunity he is alone drags the person into a panic attack. After a certain period of time, the person begins to think that if he is left alone, he will lose control and have a heart attack or stroke. This time, the thought that I should not be alone in order to avoid having a panic attack emerges, but this situation turns into a cycle intertwined with both the fear of loneliness and the panic attack.

Situations that trigger the Fear of Loneliness;

Situations such as challenging living conditions, the death of a loved one, separation and abandonment, experiencing a negative situation when alone, or being trapped in a closed area can cause the fear of loneliness to arise.

What can be done to cope with the fear of loneliness?

In situations where one needs to be alone, entertaining music or the sound of the television playing in the background can relax the person. It can also feel good to be in the same environment with a pet. Breathing exercises and exercises that relax the soul and body should be tried. It will be useful to engage in activities that can keep the person busy when they are alone. Being able to find a behavior that he enjoys when he is alone and implementing it will often be successful.

Expert Psychologist Kaan Üçyıldız said, "Individuals who have a fear of loneliness must know that a person must first learn to be happy with himself, then he will see that he is happier with others."