Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Saves Lives

Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Saves Lives
Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Saves Lives

📩 21/10/2023 12:47

Stating that the most common type of cancer in women is breast cancer, Bodrum American Hospital Radiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Selma Tükel said that early diagnosis and treatment saves lives.

Stating that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, Prof. Dr. Tükel “Breast cancer originates from a group of breast cells. It first creates itself by starting to multiply. As it grows, it spreads first to the surrounding tissue and then to other parts of the body. "Situations that increase the likelihood of breast cancer include family history, stress, obesity, fat-rich diet, low daily physical activity, alcohol and cigarette use, advanced age and genetic predisposition," he said.


"The biggest risk factor in breast cancer is being a woman," said Prof. Dr. Selma Tükel gave the following information: “The biggest solution in breast cancer is early diagnosis. Early diagnosis saves lives. The chance of survival for Stage 1 and Stage 0 cancers is reported to be 92 percent. In countries that regularly implement cancer screening, deaths from breast cancer have decreased by 30-50%. With early diagnosis, a chance for treatment can be provided without losing the breast. Starting from the age of 20, it becomes important to know your own breasts. Regular monthly breast examination will teach you the normal condition of your breasts and help you recognize any changes that may occur earlier. However, remember that self-examination every month does not replace annual screening mammography for those over the age of 40. In addition, women under the age of 40 are recommended to have a medical examination every 2 years, and women over the age of 40 are recommended to have a medical examination once a year.

Finally, radiological examinations aim to make a diagnosis two years before the mass is palpable. "Ultrasonography before the age of 40, mammography after the age of 40 and sonographic controls performed as support are among the first for the early diagnosis of cancer."


Prof. stated that stress, which negatively affects every aspect of life, reduces body resistance and this situation can trigger diseases. Dr. Selma Tükel continued her words as follows: “Heavy sadness and heavy fatigue leave your body defenseless, and susceptible cells take control and begin to proliferate. Of course, there will be many ups and downs in our lives, but protect yourself with calmer acceptance in situations you cannot solve. "In addition, walking for at least 45 minutes three days a week, eating a diet designed to prevent you from gaining weight, and living a life away from alcohol and cigarettes will be your health insurance."