Village Institutes Culture and Memory House Opened Its Doors in its 100th Anniversary

Village Institutes Culture and Memory House Opened Its Doors
Village Institutes Culture and Memory House Opened Its Doors

📩 29/10/2023 12:48

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality opened the Village Institutes Memorial and Culture House in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Republic. President speaking at the opening ceremony Tunç Soyer, “Village Institutes were the locomotive of the young Republic. These educational castles, the first of which was opened in 1940, raised the modern, educated farmers, scientists, artists and craftsmen of the Republic of Turkey. Unfortunately, this exemplary structure has become the target of interests. He was discredited by unfair criticism and slander. Village Institutes, which were completely closed in 1954, left immortal works and an unfinished civilization project to our Republic in a short period of 14 years. Imagine what would happen to science, crafts, arts and agriculture in Turkey today if it had not been closed. We protect the Village Institutes in Izmir, one of the greatest works of the 100 years of our Republic. We are bringing another memory center to our city. Because Izmir is a city that remembers, not forgets.” he said.

“Izmir will educate Izmir's children”

Explaining the "Another Agricultural School" project at the opening of the Village Institutes Memorial and Culture House, Mayor Soyer said, "With the inspiration we received from the Village Institutes, one of the biggest breakthroughs of our Republic, we are opening "Another Agricultural School" in Izmir. This structure, which we call the Village Institute of the Second Century, will be a revolution that will reinforce our 'Izmir Agriculture' movement. We will restart that unfinished civilization project. This Republic building, which will be built on an area of ​​45 thousand square meters in the village of Bademler in our Urla district, will provide our youth with a hundred percent scholarship and boarding education. "Izmir will educate Izmir's children." said.

“The sweat of the producer will provide training opportunities to the producers of tomorrow”

Mayor Soyer said, “With our Pasture Izmir project, we visited our shepherds who walked the mountains of Izmir, inch by inch. During these visits, we knocked on the doors of 5 thousand 117 shepherds and prepared Turkey's first Shepherd Map. As a result of this study, in which we revealed the sheep milk potential of Izmir, we gave a purchase guarantee to our shepherds. We started processing that milk in our 100th Anniversary Bayındır Milk Processing Factory, which we opened with great happiness yesterday. We will educate the children of Izmir at Another Agricultural School with the income we earn from the sales of these products. "The hard work of today's producers will return to tomorrow's producers as training opportunities." he said.

“Let it be a gift to the 100th anniversary of our Republic”

In the last part of his speech, Mayor Soyer said, “Unfortunately, today there are very few people left with whom we can listen directly to the Village Institutes first hand. At that time, most of those who carried this Republic's legacy to us as students or instructors of these schools have passed away. I bow respectfully to each of them in our home, where we immortalize their cherished memories. This country is grateful to you. Our Memorial House, which we opened today, is not only a symbol of this gratitude. It is also a reference point and a guide for innovative educational organizations such as Another Agricultural School. Let our work be a tribute to the 100th anniversary of our Republic.” he said.

“A new development move with Village Institutes”

Konak Mayor Abdül Batur said, “We are opening a very important and beautiful work together. The value of Village Institutes is at a different point in the history of the Republic. I am also a student of an instructor from the Village Institute. We see how important the work discipline and education intertwined with culture, art and agriculture were at that time. But unfortunately, over time, that education was abandoned and today's worse education system was adopted. The climate crisis and troubles in the world show how important village institute training was at that time. There is a great need for Village Institutes right now. "It is very important to make a new development move with Village Institutes." he said.

“The memorial house will be a first in the history of local governments.”

Gökhan Bal, President of New Generation Village Institutes Association, said, “Today, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerWe are witnessing the opening of the Village Institutes Memorial House, which was carried out with dedication by . The Memorial House will be a first in the history of local governments. In the last quarter century, they have severely destroyed all institutions and the education system, claiming that they will create a religious generation. Our aim to continue the Village Institutes cause is not nostalgia for the past against this destruction. On the contrary, this house of memory will be the first step towards the salvation and recovery of those who produce against all destruction.” he said.

The historical building came to life again with Village Institutes

The Village Institute Memorial and Culture House building, which is estimated to have been built at the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century, is located in Konak Natırzade District, right next to the "100th Anniversary of Our Independence Memorial House". Work started at the beginning of 2023 to transform the historical building restored by TARKEM into the Village Institutes Memorial and Culture House. The Memorial House, which was completed in a short time, was gifted to Izmir and Turkey in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

Huge archive from students' wooden suitcase to mandolin

Memorial House has brought together contents about the place and importance of Village Institutes, which are the cornerstone of the enlightenment of the Republic of Turkey. In the first years of the Republican Era, basic education, village teachers, the founders of the Village Institutes, their graduates and those who survived until today formed the theme of the Memorial House.

In a short time, various objects, documents, photographs and similar materials reflecting the spirit of the period were compiled from 30 donors. Among the donated objects; Course materials such as wooden suitcases, clocks, bricks, mandolins, mandolin boxes, rosettes, and carpenter's planers, which were made or used by Village Institute students, are included. In addition, materials such as historical documents, diplomas, diaries, logbooks, lecture notes, and original printed photographs, obtained through donations and compiled from the APIKAM archive, will be presented to visitors at the Memorial House.

A world-class resource for scientists

A research library and a digital archive system were established in the Village Institute Memorial and Culture House. With 600 books in the library, all of which are about Village Institutes, and more than 300 materials transferred to the digital archive, it will provide a valuable database for researchers working in the field of Village Institutes. Visitors will be able to access this database from the tablets in the Memorial House. Thus, the Village Institutes Memorial and Culture House will serve as an important reference center for academics, historians and researchers who conduct research in the field of Village Institutes not only in Izmir but also in Turkey and around the world.