Ways to Manage Anxiety Correctly

Ways to Manage Anxiety Correctly
Ways to Manage Anxiety Correctly

📩 19/10/2023 12:27

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Eda Atay from Memorial Ankara Hospital Psychology (clinical) Department shared the questions about the correct management of anxiety.

Saying that anxiety is actually a natural part of our instinct for survival, Specialist Clinical Psychologist Eda Atay from Memorial Ankara Hospital Psychology (clinical) Department said, “It is the fight-flight response of our organism, it helps to keep us safe. If it is in a certain amount and controllable, it is healthy and even has a protective function. It enables the individual to be more careful about possible risks, analyze the situation well and position himself correctly in the face of events. It is also motivating and activating. "For this purpose, it gives the person the necessary energy, helps him focus on the subject and concentrate on the subject carefully." he said.

"Anxiety does not manage you, you manage the anxiety"

Psychologist Eda Atay said, "Some people experience anxiety more frequently, while others experience it less frequently." he said and continued as follows:

“Traumatic events, health problems, hereditary factors, past life experiences and temperament are among the factors that affect our anxiety experiences. "In the absence of anxiety, which allows us to plan for the future and act predictively, the person not only does not have absolute peace, but also becomes open to possible risks, may lose control, and this situation is not healthy."

"Take action against anxiety"

Underlining that it is important to live a regular life and create some routines in order to manage the process correctly, Psychologist Eda Atay said, "At this point, giving importance to quality sleep by determining bed-wake-up times, walking outdoors will provide meditation and breathing." said.

“Family and close circle support is very important”

Stating that the close circle of individuals suffering from anxiety disorders is also heavily affected by this situation, Atay said, "An individual who thinks that something bad will happen to him and that it will not happen may withdraw himself and try to limit the lives of both himself and those around him in order to avoid this situation. This situation may seem inappropriate and may not be adequately understood by the person's relatives who cannot understand the person's anxiety. In order to prevent the social relations of the person suffering from anxiety disorder from being disrupted, their relatives must accept this situation that the patient is experiencing and realize that they cannot control it. It should not be forgotten that some situations that are easy for us may not be easy for individuals with anxiety disorders. It is very important to be patient and supportive of the person in question, but it will not be useful to give advice, put pressure, try to alleviate the situation the individual is experiencing, or try to prove the opposite. Instead, the individual should be encouraged to get help from a specialist in psychotherapy.” he stated.