90 Employers Are Looking for 911 Personnel in Izmir

Employer is Looking for Personnel in Izmir
Employer is Looking for Personnel in Izmir

The "Kariyerimiz.com.tr" platform, launched by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to increase employment in the city, brings together job seekers with employers. On the platform, where thousands of users took part in less than a month, 90 employers are waiting for applications for their 911 personnel needs.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality raised hopes in a short time with the "Kariyerimiz.com.tr" project it implemented for both the unemployment problem and the employer's need for qualified personnel. The project, which supports employment in all age groups, especially young people, brought job seekers together with employers via the Kariyerimiz.com.tr website. 6 job postings were posted by 90 employers in less than a month on the platform, which was put into service with the Career Fair organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on October 144. The total number of personnel sought in 144 advertisements reached 911. 904 users registered to the system to search for a job on Kariyerimiz.com.tr. A total of 84 applications were made.

They will be able to train at the Vocational Factory and find a job at Our Careers.

The Kariyerimiz.com.tr platform, implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Factory, cooperates with institutions such as professional chambers, public education centers and the Turkish Employment Agency. Vocational Factory also provides vocational training in order to produce permanent solutions to the employment problem. Citizens apply to attend the courses they are interested in, from mechanical technique training to cooking, information technologies to barista, office work to foreign languages, offered at the Vocational Factory for business lines in which they are not competent. Those who gain competence after the training process can be employed through the Vocational Factory platform.

Quick job application with Kariyerimiz.com.tr

The Kariyerimiz.com.tr platform, which can be easily accessed from anywhere at any time, accelerates the job and employee search processes and eliminates the need to apply physically. Kariyerim.com.tr offers its users an infrastructure where they can become a free member and update their personal information whenever they want. You can easily apply for a job on the platform, where job postings in various sectors can be viewed.

Employers get qualified personnel

Likewise, for employers, Kariyerim.com.tr also provides the opportunity to publish job postings and review applications free of charge. Employers can evaluate the applications received through the platform, contact the candidates they deem suitable and initiate job interviews. In this way, the process of employers finding qualified personnel is facilitated.