Izmir Bay Will Be the Stage of a Light Festival on Republic Day

Izmir Bay Will Be the Scene of a Light Festival on Republic Day
Izmir Bay Will Be the Scene of a Light Festival on Republic Day

📩 29/10/2023 12:27

The most colorful moments of the evening Republic Day celebrations will be experienced in Izmir Bay. Ships belonging to İZDENİZ will illuminate the Gulf with light shows starting from 20.45. The demonstration will start from the Republic Square KarşıyakaIt can be watched from Bostanlı and Göztepe beaches.

The light show to be held in Izmir Bay within the scope of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Republic will turn the celebrations into an unforgettable visual show. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality prepared a show that will brightly illuminate Izmir, inspired by the Republic fire lit by the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. On Sunday, October 29, 5 ships affiliated with İZDENİZ will illuminate the Gulf with lights in honor of its 20.45th anniversary, starting from 100.

Within the scope of the celebrations, 4 pieces of special effect pyro and 1 pieces of lights will be used on 1700 catamarans and 600 car ferry connected to İZDENİZ. The ships will present an unforgettable visual feast to all viewers, accompanied by music. The demonstration on the coastline will start from Republic Square, KarşıyakaIt can be watched along the Bostanlı and Göztepe coastal route.

Starting from 20.44, the ships off the coast of Cumhuriyet Square will start blowing their whistles. At 20.45, when the first sound mine is thrown from the ship, the music will increase and the visual show will begin. Republic Square, KarşıyakaThe show of ships operating on the Bostanlı, Göztepe line will last until 21.30.