More than 500 Boats Showcased at Istanbul 'Bosphorus Boat Show'

More than XNUMX Boats Showcased at Istanbul 'Bosphorus Boat Show'
More than XNUMX Boats Showcased at Istanbul 'Bosphorus Boat Show'

📩 22/10/2023 11:44

More than 500 boats at MarinTurk Istanbul City Port Pendik 'Bosphorus Boat Show; The boat was showcased at the Boat Equipment and Accessories Fair. While the total value of the exhibited boats exceeded 10 billion TL, one of the most expensive ones at the fair was the domestic sailboat 'NB 99 L'AQUILA 2' produced in Tuzla. The length of the 345 million TL sailboat is 42 meters. Another of the most expensive boats of the fair is the 260-meter San Lorenzo SD 27 with a sales price of 90 million TL. In addition to boats suitable for every budget, luxury boats worth millions of liras and different products such as pedal boats and sea scooters are also exhibited at the fair. 29 thousand people are expected to visit the fair, which will continue until October 50.

Bosphorus Boat Show; Boat, Boat Equipment and Accessories Fair opened its doors at MarinTurk Istanbul City Port Pendik. YATED President Murat Bekiroğlu, GİSBİR President Murat Kıran, Chamber of Shipping President Tamer Kıran, Yıldız Holding Rental and Marinas General Manager Fahir Çam, ED Fuarcılık Founding Partners Dilek Soydan and Emel Yılmaz attended the opening of the fair. Organized by ED Fuarcılık, in cooperation with YATED Fuarcılık, with the permission of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, at the fair held on 21-29 October 2023 under the main sponsorship of GISBİR; In addition to luxury boats and yachts, the latest technologies used in boat and yacht construction are also exhibited. More than 150 local and foreign brands are represented at the fair, where more than 500 companies participate. While more than 500 boats are offered to sea lovers, the total value of the boats exhibited at the fair held on the 100th anniversary of the Republic exceeds 10 billion TL.

Turkey's largest fair

Pointing out that the fair grew by 30 percent this year compared to last year, Dilek Soydan said, “The fact that our fair was gathered under one roof brought success. We are organizing Turkey's single largest maritime fair. Because we exhibit more than 400 boats at sea and more than 100 on land.” said. Expressing that they are very happy to host such a big organization as MarinTurk Istanbul City Port Pendik Marina, Fahir Çam said, “There are hundreds of world giant brands, each more valuable than the other, at the Bosphorus Boat Show. Nearly 50 thousand visitors are expected. Thanks to the fair, billions of liras of turnover are achieved. “Such big numbers and volume excite us all.” he said.

'We will experience the centennial joy together'

Noting that all components of the sector came together under the leadership of YATED, with the support of the Turkish Shipbuilding Manufacturers Association and in cooperation with ED fair, Murat Bekiroğlu said, “Our fair has gained the magnificent structure that we missed. Our sector; They met in weak organizations that were of no use to anyone and could not reach large masses. There was also a serious fair chaos. Our brand 'Bosphorus Boat Show', which emerged as a final solution to put an end to this confusion, will be organized as a land fair as well as a sea fair. Again, as here, it will bring together industry components and sea lovers in a single fair under one roof. In addition, we will have the opportunity to celebrate our Republic Day in the most enthusiastic way with all our participants and visitors at our fair, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of our Republic. "We will all experience the pride and happiness of the 29th anniversary of our Republic on Sunday, October 100." he said.

Sector specific domain request

Underlining that the Bosphorus Boat Show is held in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Murat Kıran said: “Our fair is also an important achievement for Istanbul. I believe that our local and foreign guests will come together in this beautiful environment and create a good synergy. I congratulate all our institutions and organizations that contributed to the realization of this beautiful organization, especially the Yacht and Boat Industry Association.” The sector; Stating that there is a need for a special production complex where yachts can be exhibited and at the same time they can present the production phase to buyers as a showroom, Tamer Kıran said: "As a chamber, we need to allocate a long-term area of ​​sufficient size to this sector for easy access to both domestic and international customers and other logistics purposes." At every opportunity, we bring up our demands for making the necessary arrangements for renting or renting at the relevant levels of our government. It is a fact that new investments are needed to maintain our country's competitiveness in yacht tourism, taking into account demand and supply. "Our chamber continues to work with the relevant ministries to meet this important demand." said

The most popular boats of the fair

345 million TL sailboat

One of the most expensive and largest boats of the fair, the 42-meter sailboat named NB 99 L' AQUILA 2, produced at the Mengi Yay shipyard in Tuzla, has 1 master cabin and 4 guest cabins. The price of the sailboat, which has 4 crew cabins, is 11,5 million Euros (345 million TL).

One of the most expensive in the fair

The renewed semi-displacement SD series boat is among the highlights of the fair. The 27-meter boat is among the most expensive boats of the fair with a sales price of 8,5 million Euros (260 million TL). The boat, which has 4 cabins and can comfortably accommodate 8 people, will be shown for its first show in Turkey at the Bosphorus Boat Show in Pendik Marina.

240 million TL with VIP cabin

The value of Riva 26,92' Folgore, which is 6,31 meters long and 88 meters wide, is 240 million TL. There is a double VIP cabin at the front of the boat, a double guest cabin on the port side and two single cabins on the starboard side, for a total of 4 cabins.

It has a terrace of 50 square meters

Arcadia Sherpa, which is 18,67 meters long, has 1 master cabin and 1 guest cabin. The 2,5 million Euro (75 million TL) boat has a 50 square meter terrace. The boat, which has a width of 5,58 meters, can comfortably accommodate 6 people.

Domestic producers made 'samba'

Domestic production Samba Powerboats are among the most striking domestic productions of the fair. The boat has a cabin and a large seating area at the back. The sales price of the 8,65 meter boat is 105 thousand Euros (3 million TL). The boat can reach a speed of 80 kilometers at sea.

The 'wandering' Dutchman of the fair

The domestically produced tour boat named Tender 27 is among the boats that attracted attention at the fair. The sales price of the tour boat, which is 8,35 meters long, starts from 70 thousand Euros (2,1 million TL). The boat, which is a Dutch brand and can reach a speed of 60 kilometers, is produced in Tuzla, Turkey.

Pedal bike for 100 thousand TL

Sea bikes and sea scooters are also among the products on display. Prices start from 3 thousand Euros and go up to 18 thousand Euros.