İGA Istanbul Airport Joined Forces with Plug and Play for Innovation

İGA Istanbul Airport Joined Forces with Plug and Play for Innovation
İGA Istanbul Airport Joined Forces with Plug and Play for Innovation

📩 13/10/2023 13:44

İGA Istanbul Airport, the pioneer of innovations in the aviation industry, has signed an important collaboration with Plug and Play, which is considered the center of innovation in the world.

Within the scope of the collaboration, which is aimed to accelerate IGA Istanbul Airport's global innovation journey and contribute to a more sustainable future, it is planned to first conduct a 'technology focus study'. After collecting the ideas and technology needs presented by İGA Istanbul Airport employees, a call will be made to startups that can produce solutions on these issues, and innovation processes will be carried out to implement the solutions of the selected startups at İGA Istanbul Airport.

Aiming to establish 'innovation management' and 'entrepreneurship ecosystem' within its structure, İGA Istanbul Airport will work in the fields of Travel, Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City within the scope of "Travel Vienna" and "Smartcities Istanbul" programs; It will also meet with startups and partners by participating in the "Selection Day" events to be held in Vienna on October 19 and the "Istanbul Expo Day" events to be held in Feriye Palas on November 2.

“We will establish the innovation management and entrepreneurship ecosystem”

Underlining that İGA Istanbul Airport's innovation journey will accelerate with access to the wide ecosystem of Plug and Play, which has access to more than 60 thousand startups around the world, İGA Istanbul Airport Deputy CEO Selahattin Bilgen continued his words as follows:

“With this project, we will take our airport even further in technology by focusing on the ideas and needs of our employees. As İGA Istanbul Airport, we are determined to take more innovative and future-ready steps with this exciting collaboration. Our cooperation; İGA will add great value in supporting the culture of innovation at Istanbul Airport, attracting technology startups to Istanbul Airport, meeting the technology needs of the Airport with an innovative perspective, encouraging intra-company entrepreneurship and sustainable development, and bringing new ideas to life at our Airport.”

Plug and Play Turkey Director Lale Gözübüyük also emphasized that she is very excited about the cooperation with İGA Istanbul Airport and stated that she aims to announce the success stories that will arise from this cooperation to the global ecosystem as soon as possible.

Gözübüyük said, “İGA Istanbul Airport is among the largest and most successful airports in the world; But he is not satisfied with this and continues to work for the better and make our country proud. I am honored to cooperate with such a hard-working and successful company. We will do our best with our entire team to ensure that İGA Istanbul Airport benefits from Plug and Play's unique global innovation opportunities.” he said.