EGİADEvaluated Energy Management Systems with a Carbon Perspective

EGİAD Evaluated Energy Management Systems with a Carbon Perspective
EGİAD Evaluated Energy Management Systems with a Carbon Perspective

📩 10/10/2023 10:38

EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association evaluated Energy Management Systems with a Carbon Eye. Discussing the advantages that an energy management system in accordance with international standards will create in tomorrow's competitive and green economic order, the NGO opened the issue to the discussion of the business world with the participation of Onur Enerji Technical Manager and Managing Partner, ENSIA Board Member Onur Günduru. EGİAD The event held at the Association Center, EGİADIndustrialists from XNUMX participated.

In the seminar organized by the Industry and Sustainability Commission; Approaches on how we should prepare for a green future in the light of the EU Green Deal, Border Carbon Regulation Mechanism and the concept of Sustainability were discussed. Talking about how they can best manage energy, which is the biggest source of carbon dioxide and similar greenhouse gases, the business world got clues about how ISO 50001, the international standard on this subject, can be effectively applied in their businesses. The meeting was held to discuss what benefits these practices will bring to workplaces and how they can increase competitiveness while turning green. EGİAD It was hosted by Deputy Chairman Erkan Karacar.

Karacar, who made the opening speech, reminded that energy management is directly related to carbon management and has processes that support each other, and stated that the studies carried out in this context will also support carbon management studies.EGİAD As a result of the studies we have carried out as a company whose main theme is actually the concept of sustainability, we have discussed with a strategic approach that the Green Deal can enable Turkey to support low-carbon production and thus gain an advantageous position compared to high-carbon countries and increase its market share in exports to EU countries. The fact that greenhouse gas emissions have increased significantly over the years with rapid industrialization and carbon dioxide has the highest rate among these gases has revealed that the carbon footprint is not a fashionable concept but a reality. In this regard, we listened to different studies on energy management and carbon footprint. It is very important to examine these two concepts in the context of their relationships with each other. We wanted to create an agenda that also addresses the ISO 50001 standard. I hope that we will find answers to the question of how we can increase our competitiveness while protecting green. EGİAD "We believe that increasing awareness about the carbon footprint issue in our region will strengthen our industrialists," he said.

At the event, where it is predicted that the energy need in the world will double and the population will increase by 2050% by 2, it was emphasized that Greenhouse Gas emissions must be reduced by 46% in order to limit the global temperature increase by 2%. It was stated that while the need for energy is increasing, it is necessary to reduce Greenhouse Gases released into the atmosphere, and that fossil fuels used as resources in energy production must now be replaced by renewable natural resources.

Onur Enerji Technical Manager and Managing Partner, ENSIA Board Member Onur Günduru stated that energy efficiency can produce the same output with less energy and said, “Energy efficiency is the key to using less energy without changing the quality and quantity of the product or service and eliminates waste. This is how it differs from savings. Because savings can be made by reducing output. More than 70% of greenhouse gas emissions come from energy. Therefore, one of our most important weapons in the fight against climate change is energy efficiency. Efficient use of energy also provides non-energy benefits such as reducing the need for water resources, reducing maintenance needs and increasing occupational safety. With energy efficiency studies, energy-related carbon emissions can be reduced, energy bills can be reduced, company profitability can be increased and competitiveness can be increased. In terms of macro developments, increasing energy prices due to the process that started with Russia's invasion of Ukraine accounts for approximately half of the global inflation increase. It is inevitable that our country, which is largely dependent on foreign energy, will also be affected by this. 44% of Greenhouse Gases come from buildings and industry. Therefore, in the first stage, it is necessary to systematically ensure the current energy management and to reveal energy use, efficiency and alternatives. To minimize the impact, energy efficiency measures should be taken, starting from residences. Buildings that do not have thermal insulation should be insulated immediately. There is an obligation to install ISO 50001 Energy Management System in commercial and service buildings, industrial enterprises and Organized Industrial Zones and industrial enterprises that are obliged to establish energy management units. The 10 trillion Euros budgeted for 1 years for the implementation of the EU Green Deal is capable of providing resources for many clean energy investments and initiatives. In-house leaders and entrepreneurs should not remain indifferent to these opportunities. "Work should start today to achieve an energy efficient future," he said.