Efeler Yolu Received an Award from Green Destinations

Efeler Yolu Received an Award from Green Destinations
Efeler Yolu Received an Award from Green Destinations

📩 16/10/2023 12:22

Efeler Road, the cultural route of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which aims for sustainable development in the Küçük Menderes basin, diversification of non-agricultural economic activities and improvement of the income level of the local people, entered the 2023 Green Destinations Top 100 Good Practice Stories list.

Efeler Road, which triggers a sustainable and holistic rural development in the region and creates socio-economic development in the local geography by ensuring the protection and utilization of natural, historical and cultural richness, was included in the 2023 Green Destinations Top 100 Good Practice Stories list. The Efeler Road cultural route, which starts from the Bornova district of Izmir, passes through the Nif Mountain and Bozdağ mountain ranges, returns to the plateaus of Kiraz and ends at Meryemana in Selçuk via the Aydın mountain range, has also achieved its first success in the international arena. The Top 100 Stories list was an important step in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's work in the field of sustainable tourism.

“Follow the path of the Efes”

Every year, the Best 100 Stories competition is organized by Green Destinations, an accredited organization of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), of which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is a member. The competition aims to share inspiring examples for the entire tourism sector, from tourism professionals to travelers. The best sustainable tourism stories from destinations around the world are brought together.

In this context, an application was made to the 2023 Green Destinations Top 100 Stories competition for "Efeler Road" by the Tourism Branch Directorate. In the application file, which started with the slogan "Follow the path of the Efes, witness the cultural richness of the Efes", it was stated that with the Efeler Road project, nature was protected, local development was ensured, and traditions were protected by maintaining the Efe culture.

Competition; Under the auspices of Top 100 Partnership, Green Destinations, QualityCoast, Travelife, ITB Berlin, Asian Ecotourism Network, Ecotourism Australia, Global Ecotourism Network, Sustainable First and GLP Films. is done with their contributions. The competition is also supported by the Future of Tourism Coalition.

The story of Efeler Yolu and the entire 2023 Top 100 Stories list can be accessed on the Green Destinations website.

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Efeler Road is a cultural route that connects the villages and plateaus in the mountains of Izmir, bearing the traces of many civilizations and hosting a rich ecosystem. The Efeler Road project aims to trigger a sustainable holistic rural development in the region by ensuring the protection and utilization of the natural, historical and cultural riches of the region.
This special cultural road, which connects the villages and valleys bearing the traces of the Efelik culture with paths that have survived to the present day, starts at Bornova Nif Mountain, connects the entire basin with the mountain villages, and ends at the Virgin Mary Church in Selçuk. The region has a unique cultural heritage as it has hosted different civilizations since ancient times. The Efeler Road cultural route, which passes through 28 villages and has a length of 500 kilometers, is aimed to create additional sources of income for the residents of the region, especially women.

With the designed village gates, every village on the route will become a visiting point. Thanks to the looms given to the producers, local products will be available to the hikers. This road, which was opened by walking meter by meter, with a marking system that is exactly compatible with international cultural routes, can also be followed through mobile applications in the future. Home boarding training will be given in the villages to accommodate the travelers who will use the route.

Efeler Road; It is being implemented with the support of Izmir Development Agency, in partnership with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Governorship, Ege University, Izmir Regional Directorate of Forestry, Izmir Foundation, Izmir Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate and Efeler Yolu Association.

Green Destinations

It is a Netherlands-based organization that works on the evaluation, capacity building and certification of destinations and businesses committed to sustainable tourism. Green Destinations; It consists of a number of international programmes. Establishment; He leads an international partnership of sustainable tourism experts, consultants and more than 50 representatives of non-profit organizations.