DHMİ 2023 Inspection Seminar is Held in Trabzon

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📩 25/10/2023 15:18

The Inspection Seminar, held every year by DHMİ Inspection Board, was held in Trabzon this year with the encouragement and support of DHMİ Chairman and General Manager Hüseyin KESKİN, Rector Prof. Dr. It is held at Karadeniz Technical University Koru Facilities, with the hospitality of Hamdullah ÇUVALCI.

Trabzon Governor, Mr. Aziz YILDIRIM, who met with the Heads of the Inspection Board and Inspectors on the occasion of the seminar, said in his speech; Touching on the importance of the role of guidance in inspection, he stated that the inspector also has a kind of instructor duty in the provincial organization.

DHMİ Inspection Board Chairman Erdinç KAHRAMAN, in his opening speech of the Inspection Seminar; He expressed his satisfaction in meeting with his colleagues on the occasion of the seminar and expressed his wishes for the continuation of communication and interaction between the affiliated, related and related institutions of the Ministry.

From relevant and related organizations of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure; General Directorate of Coastal Safety, Turkish Rail System Vehicles Industry Inc. (TÜRASAŞ) and TÜRKSAT A.Ş. The seminar, attended by the Heads of the Inspection Board, will last 4 days.

At the seminar, views are exchanged on accelerating the adaptation process of new assistant inspectors to the Board of Inspectors, updating the regulatory knowledge of inspectors, examining the problems experienced in practice and developing a reward system that encourages personnel. In the seminar, presentations are made by faculty members of Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) on various topics related to the profession.