Buca Metro Will Be Self-Financing

Buca Metro Will Be Self-Financing
Buca Metro Will Be Self-Financing

📩 15/10/2023 11:35

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerattended the opening of Kosovo Independence Park organized by Buca Municipality. Minister Tunç SoyerIn his speech, he reminded that there are strong ties between Kosovo and Turkey, and also touched upon the Buca Metro works. Soyer said, “A 4-year construction period was envisaged for the metro works. "We will finish it before the deadline," he said.

Kosovo Independence Park, established on an area of ​​3 square meters by Buca Municipality to bring a new living space to the district, was opened. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the opening ceremony of the park, which was realized with the theme of "barrier-free living space" and included two children's statues built by sculptor Derya Ersoy to represent the brotherhood between the two peoples. Tunç Soyer, Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, CHP İzmir Deputy Mahir Polat, İYİ Party İzmir Deputy Ümit Özlale, political party representatives and citizens attended.

“We breathed together as two brotherly people”

Speaking at the ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerHe said that there are very strong ties between Kosovo and Turkey, especially Izmir, which are part of a geography that has witnessed countless sufferings throughout history. Mayor Soyer said, “This bond dates back hundreds of years. As two brotherly people, we breathed together, lived together, and shared our joys and sorrows. Our pains; We have built a common future, brewed with love, solidarity and our will to be together. "Izmir is not just a city but an indispensable home for our Kosovo and Balkan brothers," he said.

“We owe this incredible wealth to the Balkan Turks of our city.”

Mayor Soyer said, “Do not worry that Izmir does not appear on the Balkan map. Izmir is a Balkan city with Rumelia on one side of its heart and Anatolia on the other. The surface area of ​​this city is larger than continents and its history is larger than calendars. We owe this incredible wealth to the Balkan Turks of our city. I'm glad you're here. I'm glad you're in Izmir. Today, with this opening, we are proud to glorify the deep ties between Kosovo and Türkiye. I know that everyone here has the determination to maintain this unique bond between us forever. "This park will live forever as a symbol of peace, brotherhood and solidarity," he said.

“We will finish before the deadline”

Referring to the ongoing Buca Metro, Mayor Soyer said, “Buca Metro works continue underground. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is making the biggest investment in Izmir history in Buca. The money is in our pocket. A 4-year construction period was envisaged for the metro works. We will finish it before the deadline. Imagine that there are no rubber-tired buses on the streets of Izmir's most populous district, and people live in peace. "There is very little left," he said.

“Not a penny will come out of anyone's pocket.”

Stating that Buca Metro is a highly efficient project, Mayor Soyer said, “Because we will have completed the construction within the 4-year grace period of the financing loan we received. When the loan starts to be repaid, we will make the repayment with the income earned since the business was opened. We will carry 400 thousand passengers a day. And we plan to generate an income of 45 million Euros per year. We are talking about an investment that has paid back its money within the 12-year financing repayment history. With a self-financing investment, without a penny coming from anyone's pocket, neither our state nor our municipality, we will bring peace, comfort and cheap, clean public transportation to the district. "Two giant moles will start digging tunnels in November," he said.

“It will add value to the city”

Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç also stated that Kosovo Independence Park will add value to the value of the city and said, “It will further strengthen our bonds of brotherhood and unity extending from Kosovo to Buca. Buca became a brother with all the Balkans. That's why, with great pride, we write on these squares the words 'There is the Buca of the Balkans'. Our bond with the Balkan geography has always been very strong in the district where different cultures have lived together for years. "Until today, we have tried to stand by our Balkan immigrant brothers and friends in every field and on every issue," he said.

“It will strengthen the relations between the two peoples”

Petrit Prekazi, Undersecretary of the Consulate General of the Republic of Kosovo in Istanbul, said: “This work will further strengthen the relations between the two peoples. There are strong relations between Türkiye and Kosovo in many senses. "One of our most important allies in economic and commercial terms is Turkey," he said. Uğur Şengöz, President of the Kosovo Rumelia Culture, Art and Tourism Association, said: “We are following the path of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic. We had Atatürk's words "Immigrants are the cherished memories of the lost lands" noted under the statue. “We are very proud,” he said.