Brokeree Solutions Integrates Exposure Manager with TraderEvolution Platform

Brokeree Solutions Integrates Exposure Manager with TraderEvolution Platform

📩 03/10/2023 20:40

Brokeree Solutions , a leading turnkey technology provider for multi-asset brokers, has announced the seamless integration of its Exposure Manager solution into the TraderEvolution multi-asset and multi-market trading platform.

This integration introduces Exposure Manager, a post-execution hedging solution designed for automated risk management, to a broader audience. Originally exclusive to MetaTrader brokerages, Exposure Manager now evolves into a versatile multi-platform solution. Consequently, all brokers utilizing the TraderEvolution platform gain access to powerful risk mitigation technology, enhancing their ability to manage risks effectively.

“Risk management remains paramount as we continue to navigate the complexities of today's financial markets. With TraderEvolution integration more multi-asset brokerages have access to the turnkey technology of post-execution hedging. Brokeree Exposure Manager offers robust risk control functionality that allows brokers to effectively manage their risk exposure,” commented Andrey Kamyshanov, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Brokeree Solutions.

Andrew Saks, Chief Product Officer at TraderEvolution Global commented: “It is clear that the electronic trading industry is opening up rapidly to other asset classes but also to advanced trading platforms and more complex brokerage systems. Risk management is extremely important for brokers and could be a source of a significant competitive advantage hence we want to give them top notch tools from specialized counterparty such as Brokeree. The integration of Exposure Manager represents a further advancement in the ability for financial markets participants to operate more efficiently and diligently with sophisticated risk management tools at hand.”

The Exposure Manager calculates hedged positions based on aggregated client exposure per symbol across multiple accounts. Brokers can consolidate suspicious accounts from various trading servers, including MT4, MT5, and TraderEvolution, into internal groups. These groups allow brokers to apply different risk management strategies. Additionally, brokers have the option to send pending orders instead of direct hedging, enabling entry into the market at more favorable prices.

“Brokeree’s Exposure Manager protects brands operating via a hybrid execution from overexposure. Whenever a client holds a large position on a single trading instrument on a broker’s “books,” their performance relies on the symbol’s volatility. In such cases, a brand might not react on time, especially when we consider order-based execution engines, which usually don’t monitor trades after sending them to the liquidity provider. This is where post-execution hedging comes into play to automatically mitigate risks of overexposure by sending them to the counterparty,” commented Anton Sokolov, Marketing Manager at Brokeree Solutions.