New Public Transport Line to Beylikdüzü: BM6

New Public Transport Line to Beylikdüzü BM
New Public Transport Line to Beylikdüzü BM

📩 31/10/2023 15:59

IETT, which rapidly continues its work to make Istanbul Public Transportation more comfortable and more integrated, put a new line into service in Beylikdüzü District.

In Beylikdüzü, one of the most populated districts of Istanbul with a population of more than 400 thousand, the BM6 Beylikdüzü - Haramidere Line, which will provide citizens with direct access to public institutions, health institutions, district center, culture and art buildings and Haramidere Metrobus Stop, was commissioned.

Thanks to the new BM6 Line, which was planned and implemented upon the request of Beylikdüzü Municipality,

– Beylikdüzü District Governorship,

– Beylikdüzü District Center,

– Beylikdüzü Municipality,

– Beylikdüzü State Hospital

– Yakuplu Fatih Sultan Mehmet Cultural Center

– Adnan Kahveci District

– Kavaklı District

– Sahil Mahallesi

– Marmara District

– Yakuplu District

– With Barış Mahallesi

– Haramidere Metrobus Station has been integrated with each other.

BM20 Beylikdüzü - Haramidere line, which is the new bus line of Istanbul and has a length of 6 km, will provide service every 4 minutes with 30 vehicles.