Balıkesir Hosts the Golden Palette Türkiye Championship

Balıkesir Hosts the Golden Pallet Türkiye Championship
Balıkesir Hosts the Golden Pallet Türkiye Championship

📩 04/10/2023 10:20

Ayvalık district of Balıkesir; Spor Toto hosts the Golden Palette Turkey Championship organized by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation with the contributions of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality and Ayvalık Municipality.

In the Golden Palette Turkey Championship, which is held every year by TSSF in diving centers in various cities of Turkey, 22 athletes compete fiercely with each other to take the most beautiful underwater video and photo images. Turkish Underwater Sports Federation Underwater Imaging Technical Board Member Hanife Küçükler expressed her satisfaction with the Golden Palette Underwater Imaging Turkey final being held in Ayvalık and said, “We will do four separate competition dives. We have 22 athletes here. 5 of them compete in the video category, 4 compete in both video and photography categories, and the others compete in the photography category. Our aim is to see and promote Turkey's underwater beauties. At the same time, to train athletes for our national team. Because we really have a very good national team in underwater imaging. They will represent our country in Cuba a month later. We achieved very good results in the European Championship last year. On the one hand, we raise them. We also introduce our underwater beauties. We are currently in Ayvalık. Ayvalık is a very lively place in terms of underwater richness. In addition to its red corals, it is very rich in unique underwater creatures. “Thanks to this underwater imaging, we are bringing those beauties to people.” said.


Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club President and TSSF Board Member İrfan Sarıgül emphasized that Ayvalık is the guest room of Balıkesir and said, “This guest room has truly amazing natural beauties. We are here to introduce these beauties to both our country and the whole world. That's why we are holding TSSF's Underwater Imaging Türkiye Championship here. Hopefully, we want to hold the World Championship in Ayvalık next season. Our greatest ideal is to introduce Red Corals to the whole world. Last year, we did the Cumhuriyet Dive on October 29th. It had a beautiful voice. In terms of promotion, we had the opportunity to show these beauties to thousands of people at the Duesseldorf Boat Fair in Germany. Hopefully, as I just said, we will continue our work in this direction in order to announce the underwater beauties of Ayvalık to the world in order to develop both tourism and underwater tourism and to increase interest in underwater sports. In order to carry out these works, our Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yücel Yılmaz gave us instructions. In accordance with this instruction, we will show the underwater beauties of Ayvalık, the guest room of Balıkesir, to the whole world.” he said.