The Largest Meeting of the Aluminum Industry is in Istanbul

The Largest Meeting of the Aluminum Industry is in Istanbul
The Largest Meeting of the Aluminum Industry is in Istanbul

📩 12/10/2023 14:50

The world aluminum industry meets in Istanbul. International Aluminum Technologies, Machinery and Products Specialized Fair ALUEXPO, one of the 3 most important organizations of the aluminum industry worldwide, opened to visitors on Thursday, October 12. ALUEXPO, which was opened with the participation of TR Deputy Minister of Trade Mahmut Gürcan, will remain open until October 403 with the record participation of 14 local and foreign companies.

Representatives of aluminum, one of the locomotive sectors of the global economy, come together at ALUEXPO held at Istanbul Expo Center. ALUEXPO, which is one of the 3 largest-scale organizations worldwide in the sector that has an important place in Turkey's industrial development and exports, is being held with record participation this year. The fair, which has achieved a 174 percent increase in the number of direct foreign participants and a 25 percent increase in the rate of domestic participants compared to last year, is organized with the participation of 403 sector stakeholders. International Aluminum Technologies, Machinery and Products Specialized Fair ALUEXPO; Hannover – It was opened by Messe Ankiros Fuarcılık with the contributions of the Turkish Aluminum Industrialists Association (TALSAD) and with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Turkey, Mahmut Gürcan.

In his speech at the opening of the ALUEXPO 8th International Aluminum Technologies, Machinery and Products Specialized Fair and the 11th International Aluminum Symposium held in Istanbul, Deputy Minister Mahmut Gürcan said, “Despite global economic difficulties, exports have recently become the driving force in our country's economy. The aluminum sector has an important share in this success. Our export level, which was 2002 billion dollars in 36,1, increased 7 times and reached 254,2 billion dollars. Our share in world exports reached 0,5 percent from 1,2 percent. We are determined to reach an export figure higher than last year's at the end of the year. Aluminum, which is used as an intermediate good and input in many sectors, is gaining increasing importance. Sector exports, which were 2016 billion dollars in 2,2, increased to 2022 billion dollars in 6,7. Aluminum exports are of critical importance for the transition to a more productive and efficient economy within the scope of the recently announced Medium Term Program. Added value, innovation, advanced technology and branding are becoming increasingly important. We must adapt to global developments to move our country to a stronger position. "Sustainability, compliance with the Green Deal and digitalization are important agenda items of the sector," he said.

TALSAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali Kibar: “The aluminum sector will continue to grow with the strong increase in demand brought by the green economy.”

Speaking at the opening of the fair, TALSAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali Kibar pointed out that the Turkish aluminum industry has become a well-established sector that has been continuously developing and strengthening its production capacity and talent for 50 years, together with its stakeholders, with the strong growth it has shown in aluminum finished and semi-finished products. World aluminum demand reached 2021 million tons in 101; Kibar stated that this demand is expected to exceed 2050 million tons in 240, especially with the strong demand increase brought by the "green economy", and even reach 330 million tons according to predictions made based on stronger market changes. He underlined that it will increase significantly.

Kibar continued his words as follows: “As one of the pilot sectors of the 'Border carbon regulation mechanism', which is of great importance for our aluminum industry, I would like to mention the importance of the reporting period that starts as of October 1, 2023. As TALSAD, we have been working on the benefits and threats that this process will bring to our sector for a long time, and in fact, the ones that will add the greatest value to our sector in this regard are; I would like to point out that our project titled "Sustainability and Certification Center for the Compliance of the Istanbul Aluminum Sector with the EU Green Deal Policies", which we carried out with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, was completed very recently. As TALSAD Board of Directors, we are aware of how important our project and the beginning of this critical period are. With this awareness, the work of our association will continue to be developed. As TALSAD, we have been working for 50 years to develop and grow our country's aluminum industry and to become an important player in the world aluminum market. ALUEXPO Fair is of great importance in this journey.”

The most effective representation of the sector takes place

Pointing out that the most effective representation of the global aluminum industry took place, Hannover – Messe Ankiros Fuarcılık General Manager İbrahim Anıl said, “8. International Aluminum Technologies, Machinery and Products Specialized Fair ALUEXPO opened its doors with the representation of 403 local and foreign companies. ALUEXPO will continue to reflect the power of the Turkish aluminum industry. Last year, the 27 percent expansion in the renewed halls of the Istanbul Expo Center enabled us to have an experience beyond world standards with the new hall area and new settlement plan. "This year, the fair continued its steady growth and achieved an additional 30 percent growth, which was a source of pride for our industry," he said.

The 11th International Aluminum Symposium is held simultaneously with the fair

The 11th International Aluminum Symposium is being held simultaneously with ALUEXPO this year. Symposium; It is held in cooperation with TALSAD, TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center and METEM - TMMOB Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers Training Center, with the participation of expert guests from Turkey and 7 different countries. Göksal Güngör, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Symposium, said, “We are making intense efforts to contribute to the development of our aluminum industry, which is parallel to the development of our country. At the 11th International Aluminum Symposium, we will discuss aluminum in all its dimensions in a total of 13 sessions, with the participation of important sector representatives from around the world. Out of the 105 notifications we received in total, 89 notifications were accepted with the meticulous work of our scientific committee. Among the papers received with record attendance, 58 oral and 31 poster presentations will be made during the symposium. "It is very important for our industry and our symposium to see a very high participation this year in terms of number and content," he said.