Intensive Operation Against Illegal Fishing

Intensive Operation Against Illegal Fishing
Intensive Operation Against Illegal Fishing

📩 02/10/2023 13:18

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı stated that in addition to the routine inspections against illegal aquaculture hunting, a total of 25 thousand 29 cross and sea crossings were carried out at landing points, retail outlets, fish markets, cold storages, fishing vessels and road routes across the country between 9-745 September. He reported that simultaneous inspections were carried out.

Yumaklı emphasized that by protecting and developing the aquatic products in sea and inland waters, it contributes to the country's economy, meets the need for animal food and ensures the continuation of biodiversity.

Reminding that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry carries out routine inspections for the protection of aquaculture stocks, their sustainable operation and the continuation of aquatic biodiversity, Yumaklı stated that in addition to these inspections, simultaneous and cross-inspections were carried out across the country with the participation of 25 thousand personnel between 29-2 September.

Minister Yumaklı informed that within the scope of inspections on hunting in seas and inland waters, a total of 5 thousand 9 inspections were carried out in 745 days at landing points, fish markets, retail sales places, road routes and cold storages. Yumaklı also stated that during these inspections, a total of 20 thousand 700 meters of gillnets and 22,4 tons of aquatic products were seized, and administrative fines were imposed on 110 people/businesses operating in violation of the aquaculture legislation.

Yumaklı pointed out that they also instantly evaluated the complaints received from citizens regarding the hunting and sale of aquatic products during the inspections, and made the following evaluation:

“While we continue our efforts to ensure that our citizens can consume abundant and healthy seafood, we also strive to ensure the continuity of our aquatic ecosystem. Our routine inspections within the scope of the sustainability of fishing will continue with determination throughout the year. “I would like to thank our stakeholder institutions and those who contributed, especially our fishermen who hunt according to the rules and my valuable colleagues who took part in the inspections.”