Gemlik Leaded Cord Opened with Its New Look


📩 01/10/2023 12:06

Gemlik Kurşunlu Promenade, which turned into a privileged promenade with the green area arrangement, walking path and lighting works carried out by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, was opened with a symbolic ceremony. Speaking at the ceremony, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that the Kurşunlu Cordon will be extended by 1 kilometer in the second stage, and that they have also put out a tender for the Kumsaz Regional Park and the sports hall, which are closely related to the region, and that they aim to make the region a center of attraction not only for 2-3 months, but throughout the year. told.

In order to highlight Bursa's coastal city identity, the Metropolitan Municipality has carried out important landscaping works on the 115 kilometers of seashore on the borders of Mudanya, Gemlik and Karacabey and the 162 kilometers of lake shores in Iznik and Uluabat, and is gradually improving the quality of the beaches. The Metropolitan Municipality, which cleaned 24 hectares of hard ground and 29 hectares of sandy area at 135 public beaches during the summer season with 30 administrative personnel, 30 cleaning personnel and a fleet of 76 vehicles, and won the blue flag for both Iznik and Karacabey beaches this year, on the Kurşunlu coast of Gemlik. has achieved a magnificent transformation. Kurşunlu coast, which is frequently the subject of complaints from local people due to the inadequacy of walking paths on the coastline, collapses in retaining walls and deformations in the ground, was completely renovated by the Metropolitan Municipality.

It was bright

With 75 thousand tons of filling, the width of the existing 2 meters sidewalk has been increased to 18 meters. The walking area, which was 400 square meters on the 1500-meter-long coastline, was increased to 9500 square meters with the arrangements made. While creating 2300 square meters of green area on the beach, 52 trees and 710 shrub plants were planted. Especially in the summer months, 24 lighting fixtures were installed on 43 poles on the beach, where there is an intense circulation, so that the area can be used safely and comfortably by the citizens at night.

The opening was made with good news

Kurşunlu Promenade, which Kurşunlu residents had the opportunity to use throughout the summer, was put into service with a symbolic ceremony. Local residents also showed interest in the ceremony, which was attended by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Bursa Deputies Zafer Işık and Mustafa Yavuz, and AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who started his speech by giving new good news to the residents of the region, said, “Some people make words, we take action. You are asking now; 'What will happen next?' Let me give you two good news. Our Kumsaz Regional Park has a tender on October 2. We are also bidding for our gym. We will bring both our gym and our regional park to the residents of Kurşunlu and Kumsaz. In addition, beach landscaping will continue. We will build the remaining part of the Kurşunlu Cordon next year. "This will be an important center of attraction," he said.

365 days of life

Mayor Aktaş noted that they aim to make the Kurşunlu and Kumsaz region not only a place where there is life for 2-3 months of the year in summer, but also a region where there is life 365 days a year, and said, “Can we hit another nail in this city? We have such a concern and excitement. Can we prepare better Kurşunlu, Gemlik and Bursa? We have no other problem. Some people are not sitting idle. He is trying to distort this process with lies and slander. You have entrusted us with a trust, we are responsible for protecting this trust in the best way possible and passing it on to those who will come after us. That's why there is no point in Bursa's 17 districts and 1060 neighborhoods that we haven't touched. But remember, we do all this work with the taxes you pay with your sweat. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take care of the bank, lighting pole and tree here. In the meantime, we are carrying out work on the landing stairs as soon as possible. "Congratulations to the Kursunlu Cordon," he said.

Bursa Deputy Mustafa Yavuz stated that almost every Bursa resident may have something about Kurşunlu in their memories and said, “Kurşunlu was beautiful, but now she is a very different beauty. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this beautiful work, especially our President Alinur Aktaş. "Good luck and good luck," he said.

Kurşunlu Neighborhood Headman Hüseyin Ormanlar also thanked Mayor Aktaş for the privileged cordon brought to their neighborhood.

After the speeches, the Kurşunlu Cordon was put into service by cutting the ribbon, while Mayor Aktaş and the protocol members walked around the cordon and met with the citizens. sohbet He.