Emirates Launches Worldwide Recruitment Campaign

Emirates Launches Worldwide Recruitment Campaign
Emirates Launches Worldwide Recruitment Campaign

📩 02/10/2023 15:22

Emirates is now inviting experienced pilots to apply for its 'Direct Entry Captains programme' for its Airbus A380 fleet. Emirates has launched a global recruitment campaign. Interested pilots and their families can access an online newsletter or recorded recordings at 4:13.00 Dubai time on XNUMX October to attend the launch days and follow the exciting deployments here:

The Direct Entry program for Captains is designed for technically skilled captains with at least 330 hours of current operating experience on Airbus wide-body aircraft that perform controlled flights, such as the A340, A350, A380 and A3. In addition to meeting other price criteria, candidates must have a minimum of 7 thousand hours of total flight time in multi-crew, multi-engine aircraft.

Life at 35 thousand feet

Emirates' pilots find flying fleets of their variants professionally satisfying, rewarding and exciting. The newly joined captains will join a 260-strong flight crew, including 1515 A380 pilots who are proud to fly a membership of 4 aircraft. The airline's full wide-body fleet includes Emirates' iconic Airbus A200s and Boeing 380s, making it one of the airline's youngest and most advanced fleets. Emirates will begin receiving its roster of A777s in 350 and 2024-777s in 9.

The airline's pilots also experience the excitement and adventure of flying on one of the most universal global route networks covering six continents. It operates in a variety of interesting travel destinations, from regional routes in the Middle East to very long-haul destinations and transpolar flights.

lifelong education

Emirates continues to invest strongly in advanced pilot training, with the current level accommodating 10 full flights. Emirates' robust, evidence-based in-house training programs are delivered by highly trained instructors in specially designed working environments. The airline's high-tech pilot training course, funded by recent US$135 million, is scheduled to open in March 2024. The 63-square-foot facility will increase pilot training by 54 percent and accommodate more than 350 full flight crews, including A777s and Boeing 9-6s.

Pilots also have access to a range of non-technical training services at Emirates Aviation School and Emirates Aviation University.

Life in Emirates and Dubai

Emirates' foreign pilot organizations enjoy living and benefiting from the safe, secure, multicultural Dubai environment with colleagues from over 111 nationalities, with colleagues across its 160 flights. They are pilots and receive a tax-free salary, ample accommodations, paid tuition, and excellent dental, health, and life insurance. They also benefit from chauffeured transportation to and from work, laundry services, 42 days of annual leave, approved Business Class inflight software for annual leaves, reward cargo, exceptional traffic travel for friends and family, and much more.

Pilots appreciate the well-defined career paths at Emirates. Captains at Emirates can continue their careers as management pilots, recruitment pilots, technical pilots, standard captains, training captains, inspection captains, controllers and instructors. Additionally, approximately 40 percent of pilots enjoy a long and productive career when they have been around for more than 10 years. 380 pilots completed 10-19 years, 173 completed 20-29 years and 5 completed 30 years. The two longest-serving pilots, with 34 years of service, attended the event on the same day in 1989.

This program, which has changed over the past five months, has added three hires, Expedited Command and Co-Pilots, adding 172 new pilots to the team.

Accelerated Command Program

It is designed for Airbus Captains who currently command narrow-body aircraft and have at least 500 hours of Airbus flight mode. They join as A380 Copilots under an increased salary package. After a minimum of 700 flight hours and two successful repeat checks, they qualify for accelerated promotion to command, usually in little more than a letter.


Candidates must have multi-engine, multi-crew aircraft experience, a valid International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and at least 20 hours of experience in aircraft with a maximum flight weight of 2 tonnes.