Athletes Loved the Pro Beach Tour Beach Volleyball Mersin Stage

Athletes Loved the Pro Beach Tour Beach Volleyball Mersin Stage
Athletes Loved the Pro Beach Tour Beach Volleyball Mersin Stage

📩 02/10/2023 10:30

The second Pro Beach Tour Beach Volleyball Mersin Stage, organized by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in a manner befitting Mersin, the city of sports and athletes, and which left its mark on last year, continues with all its excitement.

This year, Pro Beach Tour Mersin Stage, organized in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality and the Turkish Volleyball Federation, came from 7 different countries; A total of 52 teams, including 12 athletes, 14 women's and 26 men's teams, participated. The organization, which started on September 29, witnessed exciting competitions. A total of 200 thousand liras will be awarded as a result of the beach volleyball held at Kızkalesi Beach.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer also participated in the organization held at Kızkalesi Beach in Erdemli district and shared the excitement of the athletes.

Mayor Vahap Seçer watched the struggles, to which his citizens showed great interest, together with Republican People's Party (CHP) Mersin Deputy Gülcan Kış, Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF) Deputy President Alper Sedat Aslandaş, Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, council members, athletes and citizens.

Seçer: “Such organizations add color to our city”

Stating that the competitions continue with great excitement, Mayor Seçer said, “We are organizing the second Pro Beach Tour Beach Volleyball Mersin Stage this year. This year, a total of 14 teams came, 12 men's and 26 women's teams. We have 7 athletes from 52 different countries. Such organizations add color to our city. Holding the event in a historical and world-known place like Kızkalesi also adds a special value. "We wish to realize this organization by further enriching its content every year," he said.

“Our aim is to make Mersin a brand city”

Pointing out that such events are extremely important for Mersin, Seçer said, “The main purpose here is to develop Mersin in every aspect, to promote Mersin, and to make Mersin a brand city. Such events also bring people together. We have citizens who come to Kızkalesi and spend the weekend. Our citizens who swim in the sea and sunbathe here are also watching the competitions. We also have guests from other districts. "Everyone is watching the competitions with great pleasure," he said and wished success to all athletes.

Support from Seçer to the National Women's Volleyball Team

Wishing success to the National Women's Volleyball Team, which has made Turkey proud with their consecutive successes, on their Olympic journey, Seçer said, “We wholeheartedly congratulate our National Women's Volleyball Team. They have won consecutive championships. They became champions in both the Nations League and the European Championship. Now they will participate in the Olympics and represent our Turkey. This success of our girls caused great happiness in the country. "I see that the interest in volleyball, especially among our girls, is increasing," he said.

Athletes loved the Pro Beach Tour Beach Volleyball Mersin Stage

Mehmet Heyder, who plays in the Azerbaijan Team, talked about the organization and said, “The game is very nice, the tournament is also very nice. We love this place. Türkiye is our brother. Hopefully it will bring us success. “The environment is very perfect,” he said.

Beach Volleyball National Team Player Hasan Hüseyin Mermer stated that he loves both Mersin and the organization and said, “The environment is great right now. On our second day, we are playing for the quarter finals. "I am very happy to be here," he said.

“They organized a very nice organization”

Play Volleyball National Team player Yusuf Özdemir said, “I would like to thank Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Volleyball Federation. They organized a very nice event. I hope we will be able to play the final here. We are in the quarter finals now. If we win, we will advance to the semi-finals. "We are waiting for all Mersin residents," he said.

“An enjoyable tournament”

Balkan Bircan, who plays for Beyoğluspor Club, said, “This tournament was our first tournament. It went very well for us. We gained a lot of experience. Hopefully we will get better results in other beach volleyball tournaments. The environment is very nice. While he said, "It is an enjoyable tournament," Agah Eren Asiltürk from the same team said, "This is our first participation in the tournament. It was beautiful. It was a good experience for us. The environment was very nice, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed ourselves. "Thank you for everything," he said.

Pro Beach Tour, where spectator entrance is free, also provides free shuttle service. Shuttles will be available from Forum AVM between 08.30 and 13.00, and from Kızkalesi between 12.00 and 19.00. Detailed information about the event can be accessed via Alo 185 and