Turkcell Held NGMN's Last Forum of 2023 in Istanbul

Turkcell Held the Last Forum of NGMN in Istanbul
Turkcell Held the Last Forum of NGMN in Istanbul

📩 29/09/2023 14:25

The last forum and board meeting of the New Generation Mobile Networks Association (NGMN) in 2023 was held in Istanbul, hosted by Turkcell. At the meeting, where the world's leading telecom companies such as T-Mobile, Orange and China Mobile were present and the future plans of the sector were evaluated, the establishment of global 6G standards and the development of 5G technology were discussed.

Turkcell, which has made significant contributions to the development of digital technologies in our country, continues to lead the efforts to develop new generation technologies carried out internationally. Turkcell hosted this year's last forum and board meeting of the international operators organization, Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance (NGMN), in Istanbul.

With the projects they carry out together, the operators aim to guide the development and standardization of new generation technologies such as 6G and 5.5G, which are on the agenda of the global telecommunications industry. These projects, which highlight the role of Turkey and Turkcell in the international transformation of the sector, also aim to create a more sustainable global telecommunications sector through cooperation and experience sharing between operators.

Strategic issues for the future of the sector were evaluated

At the meeting of the New Generation Mobile Networks Association (NGMN) held at Turkcell Tepebaşı Plaza, three strategic focus issues, especially regarding the future of mobile telecommunications, were discussed. The first focus area of ​​the event was on the needs of 6G technology. Within the scope of the study, the world's most important operators evaluated 6G expectations and technology needs. Another important focus area of ​​NGMN member operators, who worked on issues such as 2030G's vision, usage scenarios, requirements and design issues to establish global standards for 6G technology, which is expected to be ready by 6, was sustainability and green networks. Within the scope of the 'Green Future Networks Program', strategies and good practices on issues such as carbon emission reduction, energy efficiency, supply chain and circular economy are discussed; What needs to be done for a more sustainable global telecommunications industry was evaluated at the meeting. The last issue focused on within the scope of NGMN activities was studies on the digitalization of telecommunication networks.

Turkcell Deputy General Manager Responsible for Network Technologies Gediz Sezgin said the following about NGMN's Istanbul meeting:

“As one of the companies that makes the most significant contribution to the development of digital technologies in Turkey, we continue to lead the international arena in the development of new generation technologies. We were pleased to host prominent leaders of the telecommunications industry in Istanbul for strategic discussions and experience sharing about the future of our industry. At the end of last year, we established an R&D Laboratory called 'Turkcell 6Gen Lab' to develop future 6G networks with artificial intelligence-based autonomous capabilities. “In the New Generation Mobile Networks Association, we continue to contribute to many national and international projects, especially 6G, that confirm our leading role in the transformation of our industry.”

NGMN Alliance CEO Anita Döhler said, “We are pleased that Turkcell hosted the NGMN Forum and board meeting. This event provided an important opportunity to share updates on the Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance's work in its key focus areas. Here, we have discussed the biggest opportunities and challenges of the mobile telecommunications industry today and in the future. “We have a clear mission to provide effective guidance to the industry for the benefit of the entire ecosystem,” he said.

Turkcell supports NGMN studies with R&D

Turkcell continues to support New Generation Mobile Networks Association projects with the support of its R&D team on new generation technologies. Turkcell engineers, who previously successfully led the 5G test project and created the final document in this field, are also actively involved in the work of the New Generation Mobile Networks Association, especially on 6G technology and Green Networks.