Why Did Tupac Die, At What Age Did He Died and Why Was He Assassinated? Who is Tupac?

Why did Tupac die? At what age did he die and why was he assassinated? Who is Tupac?
Why did Tupac die? At what age did he die and why was he assassinated? Who is Tupac?

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Tupac Shakur died at the age of 7 as a result of a gun attack in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 1996, 25. The attack took place when a Cadillac in which Tupac and Death Row Records founder Suge Knight were waiting was opened fire from a Cadillac while they were waiting at a red light. Tupac was seriously injured by being shot in the chest and abdomen in the attack, and died 6 days later in the hospital where he was taken.

The attackers fled the scene and were not caught. However, the attack was allegedly the work of the gang of East Coast rapper Notorious B.I.G., a rival of Tupac. Some evidence has emerged to support this claim. For example, the day before the attack, the Notorious BIG and Tupac were involved in a fight following a boxing match at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Additionally, shortly before the attack, Tupac was allegedly threatened by a member of Notorious B.I.G.'s gang.

Tupac's death came as a huge shock to the rap world. Tupac was one of the most popular and successful rappers of the era, and with his death, hip hop music suffered a significant loss. Tupac's death remains a topic of debate today. Some claim that Tupac's death was a conspiracy and that he was not actually killed. However, these claims were never proven.

After Tupac's death, his family and friends established various charities in his memory. Additionally, many books and movies have been made about Tupac's life and music. Tupac is still considered one of the most popular and iconic rappers in the world today.

Who is Tupac?

Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996) was an American rap music artist, poet, screenwriter, actor and producer. 2Pac was also known as Pac and Makaveli.

As of 2007, Tupac Shakur managed to sell over 75 million albums and despite his death at a young age, he achieved this success and entered the Best Selling Music Artists list. He was named the 86th Greatest Artist of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine. The main themes of many of Tupac's songs were the violence and hardship in the suburbs, racism, social problems, and his conflicts with other rappers in the East Coast-West Coast feud.