Beware of Factors That Harm the Skin in Autumn!

Beware of Factors That Harm the Skin in Autumn!
Beware of Factors That Harm the Skin in Autumn!

📩 29/09/2023 10:13

Some things we do almost every day, knowingly or unknowingly, can damage our skin. Some mistakes made during the autumn months can negatively affect the skin. Medical Aesthetics Physician Dr.Cenk Gül gave information on the subject.

Not Using Sunscreen

The UVA rays emitted from the sun (the rays that cause wrinkles) reflect equally strongly throughout the year. The skin exposed to the emitted UVa and UVB rays ages, spots occur, wrinkles occur. These harmful rays can even cause skin cancer. Sunscreen creams suitable for the type should be used in summer and winter.

Insufficient Water Consumption

Adequate water consumption is necessary for a radiant and bright skin. It is beneficial to consume plenty of water to maintain the moisture content of the skin. Because insufficient amount of water consumption disrupts the skin structure and leads to dryness of the skin. Also, since water ensures the removal of toxins from the body, it helps to prevent skin wrinkles, dulling and dryness of the skin.

Poor Nutrition Is Harmful For The Skin, Too

A healthy and regular diet is also important for skin health. The skin, which is our largest organ, ages quickly due to unhealthy and malnutrition. Mistakes in nutrition, such as not taking vitamins necessary for the skin, one-way nutrition, excessive consumption of salty and sugary foods, affect the skin negatively. It is beneficial to consume foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, fibrous foods, plenty of vitamin C, eggs, hazelnuts for a bright and youthful skin.

Be Careful with Your Shower Time

Although it is pleasant to take a shower with hot water for a long time, the high temperature during the shower can cause drying of the skin, especially in the autumn season. For this reason, warm water should be preferred when taking a shower and care should be taken not to stay in the shower for too long.

Wiping the Face with Wet Wipes

Wet wipes, especially those used to clean hands, should not be used to clean the face. Since these wet wipes contain alcohol, they can irritate and dry the skin.