From Garbage to Energy, from Energy to Food in Sivas

From Garbage to Energy to Energy to Food in Sivas
From Garbage to Energy to Energy to Food in Sivas

📩 29/09/2023 13:03

With the cooperation of Sivas Municipality and the private sector, the first seedlings were planted in the modern soilless glass greenhouse established on an area of ​​50 decares in the Solid Waste Landfill.

In the greenhouse, where bunches of tomatoes will be grown using the heat of the facility that produces electricity from the gas in the landfill, 110 thousand seedlings were planted with the ceremony held with the participation of Mayor Hilmi Bilgin and Governor Yılmaz Şimşek.

Stating that they are working to develop the city with innovative and sustainable projects, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin said, “We have brought to our city the facility where we will produce 2 thousand tons of tomatoes annually by converting the garbage of Sivas into energy in our facilities and from there into heat. “I hope that this important facility, which is the first in Turkey, will be beneficial and auspicious for our city.” said.

Mayor Bilgin said, “It is a great success for our city to make our Glass Greenhouse Project, the foundation of which we laid approximately 2 years ago, ready for production in a short time. I would like to thank everyone who worked and contributed to this point. We strive to develop our city with innovative and sustainable projects. At this point, we are working together with many of our stakeholders. We opened our garbage-to-electricity production facility in order to contribute to the economy by converting Sivas' garbage into energy instead of disposing of it. At this point, we added a new one to our zero waste projects to ensure that the heat generated from the electricity produced does not go to waste and we implemented our Glass Greenhouse Project. We came together with our private enterprises and discussed the necessary legal regulations and brought this work, which we built on an area of ​​50 decares and which we can call a first in Turkey, to our city. In the coming period, we are expanding our Solid Waste Association to collect the garbage of our city and 16 districts in a single area. We will continue our work without slowing down to bring works that will create added value to our city and our country. “May it bring good luck to our city and our nation.” said.

Governor Yılmaz Şimşek said that 2 female workers are employed in the greenhouse where 60 thousand tons of tomatoes will be produced annually; “We see the modern hydroponic glass greenhouse as an important investment not only for agricultural production but also for eliminating waste and converting it into energy and providing employment opportunities for many people.” said.