New Renault Clio is in Turkey with Prices Starting from 826.900 TL

New Renault Clio is in Turkey with Prices Starting from TL
New Renault Clio is in Turkey with Prices Starting from TL

📩 20/09/2023 13:33

Renault Clio, one of the most symbolic city cars on the market for five generations, has been renewed and hits the roads in Turkey as an example that reflects the most current breakthroughs of the Renault brand.

The Equilibre version of the new Clio will be offered to users at prices starting from 826.900 TL. The Evolution version will be on the road with a price of 959.900 TL.

The TCe 2 hp x-tronic version of the Techno Esprit Alpine equipment, which will be available with 90 different engine options, will be offered for 1.023.900 TL, while the highly anticipated E-Tech full hybrid 145 hp version will be offered for 1.248.900 TL.

Renault Clio, which has achieved sales success of 16 million units worldwide to date, has become a global bestseller and won the Car of the Year awards in Europe and Turkey. In Turkey, which is the second country where the most Clios are sold in the world, more than 600 thousand Clios have been sold to date. Produced in Turkey and exceeding the production of 4.2 million units at OYAK Renault Factories, Renault Clio stands out as one of every two vehicles sold in the B-HB segment today.

A new, more modern and assertive style

The new Renault Clio is more attractive and elegant with its new style. The interior interprets the brand's new design language for the first time with its stylish and distinguished architecture. Its striking front presents a vibrant appearance. The headlamp signature is completely new and reflects the brand identity. Tight, precise and efficient lines give the new Clio a more attractive character.

In the interior, new upholstery and bio-sourced materials make it an up-to-date vehicle. It also significantly improves its quality and experience in the cabin. Sporty and stylish, the Esprit Alpine trim level best sums up the new Clio era, both inside and out.

New Clio; It hits the road with seven body colours: White, Star Black, Mineral Grey, Iron Blue, Flame Red, Coral Orange and the three-layer Rock Grey, which looks opaque from a distance and pearlescent up close.

Wheel options up to 17 inches in size support the attractiveness of the car. There are four wheel options, two of which are aluminum alloy, combined with different equipment.

There is a 7-inch digital screen on the new front console of the new Clio, and a 10-inch digital screen option is offered as an option in the Techno Esprit Alpine hardware level. Depending on the equipment level, the radio and the R&GO or Renault Easy Link multimedia system are activated. The Nouvel'R logo on the steering wheel adds an elegant touch to the cockpit.

It offers best-in-class features with generous rear passenger space in terms of accessibility and legroom, and luggage volume up to 391 liters.

The MULTI-SENSE technology of the new Clio opens the doors to a new world of experience by regulating the lighting settings on the front console and center console.

Technology for everyone

New Clio, whose technology has also been updated, offers more comfort to everyone in the cabin with advanced, qualified technologies for both the driver and passengers. Renault Easy Link infotainment system with MULTI-SENSE settings and advanced driving assistance systems contribute to a highly intuitive experience.

The new Clio hits the road with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that make driving easier and safer. These; It is divided into three as Driving, Parking and Security.

Prominent systems such as active emergency brake support system, traffic sign recognition system and 360° camera make the new Clio one of the safest cars in its class.

The most comprehensive powertrain option in its segment

The new Clio is equipped with different powertrain systems that use different energy sources. The 145 hp E-Tech full hybrid with advanced technology is one of them. It brings the pleasure of electric driving in cities within everyone's reach and reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. On all engine options, an eco-driving assistant suggests the driver the best ways to save fuel and thus reduce exhaust CO2 emissions.

Renault started using E-Tech Full Hybrid technology in its cars, including Clio, in 2020. As a continuation of this, the new Clio also offers a 145 hp E-Tech Full Hybrid version.

E-Tech Full Hybrid technology includes over 150 patents and Renault's Formula 1 experiences. Energy recovery function is one of them. It makes the new Clio more dynamic and more efficient. System; It consists of a 36-cylinder, 18 liter 4 kW (1,6 hp) internal combustion engine with two electric motors (one 69 kW engine and one 94 KW high voltage starter generator), an intelligent multi-mode clutchless gearbox and a 1,2 kWh battery.

The internal combustion engine's transmission has four ratios, and the main electric motor's transmission has two ratios. The E-Tech Full Hybrid powertrain can combine the internal combustion engine and electric motor in up to 14 different modes to optimize energy efficiency.

The car always receives power from the electric motor when it is started and can use the electric motor up to 80% during urban driving. It reduces consumption by up to 40% compared to a conventional gasoline engine. New Clio has the highest battery capacity in the hybrid city car segment. Thanks to the efficient powertrain system, CO2 emissions start from 93 g/km. Thus, you can enjoy a silent electric car without the need for battery charging.