New Opel Corsa Wins the Best New Design of 2023 Award

New Opel Corsa Wins Best New Design Award
New Opel Corsa Wins Best New Design Award

📩 24/09/2023 10:55

The new Opel Corsa won the "Best New Design of 18" award with 53,7 percent of the votes in the B segment category at the "autonis" awards organized by the German automobile magazine Auto Motor & Sport for the 2023th time this year. The exciting design of the new Corsa, with its Opel Visor front and fully digital cockpit, was the choice of the independent jury of 14.507 magazine readers. Opel Communications Director Harald Hamprecht received the new award for Corsa, which is far ahead of its competitors as the "best-selling car of its class" in many countries.

Opel Corsa not only became the "best-selling car in its class" in 2021 and 2022 in Germany and the UK, but also has been officially chosen as the car with the best design in the B segment, with its appearance enriched by the brand's characteristic front element, the Opel Visor, and its fully digital cockpit. As a result of the votes cast by more than 14.500 readers of the German automobile magazine Auto Motor & Sport, the new Opel Corsa won the "Best New Design of 2023" award. The best-selling model of the brand with the Şimşek logo in its class was deemed worthy of an award in the "B Segment Car" category with 53,7 percent of the votes. Thus, Opel won the "autonis" design award for the second time in a row. Last year, the winner of this award was Opel Rocks Electric with its extraordinary design. New Opel Corsa's advanced technologies; Its combination of simple and bold design also convinced Auto Motor & Sport readers. 18 of the readers voted for their favorite designs for the 14.507th time this year. A total of 11 candidates took part in the competition held within the scope of 105 different segments.

Harald Hamprecht, Head of Opel Communications, received the award.

At the ceremony held in Stuttgart, Opel Communications President Harald Hamprecht received the award from Auto Motor & Sport Test and Technology President Jens Dralle; “The interior and exterior design of the new Opel Corsa is 'Bold and simple'. This car combines practicality with driving pleasure and evokes emotions. Additionally, it operates entirely on electricity, giving great impetus to our move to switch to electric. He evaluated the award by saying, "As Opel, we are very pleased with the voting result."

The new Corsa stirs emotions with its performance and design!

The new Opel Corsa was introduced to the world at IAA Mobility in Munich and caused great excitement on the consumer side. While the new Corsa Electric hits the roads with two performance levels, customers can enjoy emission-free driving with the 354 kW/100 HP versions that provide a range of up to 136 kilometers (according to WLTP) or the 402 kW/115 HP versions that can reach a range of up to 156 kilometers (according to WLTP). . In the first phase, the version of the new model that provides a range of up to 354 kilometers is planned to be offered for sale in Turkey, and by 2024, the version that will have a range of 402 kilometers is planned to be offered for sale in Turkey.

In the new Corsa, designers have made the best-selling car in its class look even sharper and more modern. In the new model, the most striking feature in the front view is the Opel Visor, which is a characteristic feature of all new Opel models. This black Visor extends along the front of the Corsa, seamlessly combining the grille at the front, the LED headlights on the sides and the Opel Lightning logo in the center into a single visual element. At the back, Corsa's name is now placed confidently in the middle of the trunk lid. Additionally, in the interior, Corsa has a modern and feel-good atmosphere. The highlight here, both visually and technically, is the optional and fully digital cockpit with the new infotainment system.