Kaspersky Updates its Digital Footprint Intelligence Service

Kaspersky Updates Digital Footprint Intelligence Service
Kaspersky Updates Digital Footprint Intelligence Service

📩 26/09/2023 11:43

Kaspersky has updated its Digital Footprint Intelligence service, which provides advanced protection for organizations against fake accounts on social networks as well as fake applications on mobile application platforms.

Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence is offered as a threat intelligence service that provides organizations with insight into their digital footprint, allowing them to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities. The updated solution can now monitor, detect and remove fake accounts on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, as well as fake apps on the AppStore and Google Play.

Cybercriminals are turning to impersonating companies by impersonating or trying to steal profiles on social networks and mobile platforms as an alternative way to target users. They can then sell fake products or pose as customer support representatives to persuade users to disclose sensitive data or visit malicious websites. Managers are also a tempting target for such attacks. Impersonating these people helps spread disinformation and sophisticated phishing campaigns.

By monitoring publicly available online sources and providing companies with detailed information about potential malicious activity, Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence helps businesses identify and eliminate threats before they negatively impact their users, brands, and revenue.

The service was further enhanced earlier this year by adding real-time alerts for Spear Phishing, which helps track phishing websites targeting brand company names, online services and trademarks.

Yulia Novikova, Head of Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence, said: “Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence, powered by the Takedown service, offers businesses more opportunities to protect their brand. “Together with other products in the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence portfolio, this service brings together all our experience to help organizations improve their security by providing actionable intelligence about potential threats and vulnerabilities.”