İZKOOP Offers a New Life with its New Project

İZKOOP Offers a New Life with its New Project
İZKOOP Offers a New Life with its New Project

📩 21/09/2023 10:07

In a period when the importance of urban transformation and post-earthquake construction emerged once again and the real estate sector became more popular, Housing Building Cooperatives also began to attract attention at the same rate. İZKOOP projects, which set an example for the city with its transparent, open and target-oriented management approach, continue to focus on Ayrancılar, the shining star of the city, on the path they set out to due to the insufficiency of Izmir's housing stock. The institution, which started the Nobili Park Airport project in the past months, has now rolled up its sleeves for Grand Port in a neighboring area in the same region.

The cooperative, which started member registration under the İZKOOP brand in December 2022, is preparing to meet the press for its new project in the coming days. Making a statement before the launch of the new project, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Council Member İZKOOP General Coordinator Çağlar Kalkan reminded that they managed to eliminate the prejudice against housing building cooperatives and reminded that the registration process of the Nobili Park Airport project, which started in the winter months, was completed and the construction process started. Kalkan emphasized that they will be neighbors to the previous project, Nobili Park Airport, with the Grand Port project, and pointed out that they are preparing to establish a new city with a new understanding of life in touch with nature in this region, and said, “We want to offer a new lifestyle with the construction we will establish in an area of ​​25.400 m2. Adjacent to our Nobili Park Airport project, which we started at the beginning of this year and whose construction continues at full speed, in Türkmenköy, the apple of the eye of Ayrancılar due to its proximity to Adnan Menderes Airport and Izmir - Aydın highway, our Grand Port project consists of 2 independent units, 2+1 and 3+1 flats on large square meters. It offers a unique living space close to the city, away from noise, with its garden terraced apartments, large landscaping areas, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor sports areas, children's playgrounds, shopping malls, car parks and walking paths. With our new project, which is a corner of heaven as it is intertwined with nature, we aim to bring together modern residences and a reliable investment system by bringing all the needs to our buyers. "We aim to officially rebuild a city in this region," he said. Stating that, as İZKOOP, they plan to implement the Housing Building Cooperative with a transparent, open and target-oriented management approach, Kalkan stated that they are waiting for all investors to convey the opportunities related to Grand Port in their new Head Office opened in Bornova.

Izmir Chamber of Commerce Council Member İZKOOP General Coordinator Çağlar Kalkan stated that the ground surveys of the project have been carried out and said, “Our project is being built on a solid ground with horizontal architecture supported by a raft foundation system and earthquake-resistant with panel blocks. In this economic environment where it is difficult to own a home, İZKOOP aims to meet the housing needs in Izmir and provide happy living spaces for thousands of its members, thanks to its deferred payment system with promissory notes, with its assurance. "We can make a good investment and offer suitable opportunities to everyone who wants to live in a modern living space," he said.

Reminding that they set out in 2021, Kalkan said, “On this path we set out, we broke new ground by modeling the Urban Transformation process with the Cooperative system and implementing the West Kordelion project in the 3rd stage Urban Transformation Area of ​​Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Örnekköy. Then we focused on Ayrancılar, the shining star of the South of Izmir. Our Nobili Park Airport project, consisting of 25.000 independent sections on approximately 286 square meters of land, will be completed in two and a half years. "We will continue the same process in Grand Port and continue an earthquake-resistant urbanization with horizontal architecture," he said.

We Are Branding Rapidly

Stating that real estate development is their job and that they work with a good team as İZKOOP, Kalkan noted that they are moving towards a rapid branding, stating that they are progressing successfully with their own architectural models and business plans, thanks to the strength they receive from experience. Stating that they aim to be a pioneer in the field of real estate development, Çağlar Kalkan said, “The aim of our brand is to ensure sustainability by maximizing customer satisfaction. Buildings with gardens are one of the housing options preferred by those who want to live a life in touch with nature. Our buildings generally stand out with their gardens and landscapes. We wish to bring all the beauties of natural life to you at home. You can walk among the lush green grass, flowers, trees and vegetation, step on the ground and enjoy natural life. We offer you a peaceful and quiet life by keeping you away from the stress of city life. We not only deliver value to our investors, but also provide home buyers with safe spaces to live. We remain focused on our goal of providing innovative, modern and affordable housing solutions, building living spaces of unparalleled elegance and comfort that redefine experiences. As İZKOOP, our mission is to develop affordable housing that provides you with a sense of belonging and to be among the most reliable real estate cooperatives in the world. "We are focused on becoming a brand they can trust, with on-time delivery and residences with unrivaled living standards," he said.