The Number of Istanbul Nurseries, Our IMM Home, Increased to 65

The Number of Istanbul Nurseries, Our IMM Home, Increased to XNUMX
The Number of Istanbul Nurseries, Our IMM Home, Increased to XNUMX

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) increased the number of institutional nurseries from zero to 65 during the previous administration. IMM President, who held the mass opening of 8 new Home Istanbul Nurseries Ekrem İmamoğlu, “Since the beginning of the term, including the election environment, we have heard such things and experienced such things; Sometimes even I am amazed every day about the creativity of this evil mind. I say to people who produce such evil skills: 'If you try to do a little good, this country will be much better.' In other words, to go and, I don't know, try to disrupt the stairs of the subway by placing stones or a piece of iron, or to disrupt a work or a system on the route... In other words, to pollute an institution; Like IETT, Halk Ekmek… Being involved in ridiculous initiatives… Mobilizing huge television channels or media organizations for this purpose… What is their only concern? 'Let's make Ekrem bad. Ekrem down, Ekrem up...' I wish those bad people should have a stone as big as Ekrem falling on their heads, but I can't. I just say to them, 'May God give them wisdom.' "I'm not saying anything else," he said.

With the 8 foundations laid, the total number of IMM nurseries across Istanbul increased to 65. With the opening of 823 new centers with a capacity of 8, a total of 28 nurseries and a capacity of 65 students in 6.042 districts was reached.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) increased the number of nurseries, which was zero (0) in the previous period, to 65. 3 on the European side (Beylikdüzü-Yakuplu, Bahçelievler-Yenibosna Merkez, Bayrampaşa-Yıldırım) and 5 on the Anatolian side (Pendik-Çamlık, Tuzla-Aydınlı, Ümraniye-Aşağı Dudullu, Sultanbeyli-Adil, Ataşehir-Kayışdağı) Our Home Istanbul Nursery, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIt was opened with the participation of . Former state minister Önay Alpago, CHP MPs Ali Gökçek, Suat Özçağdaş, CHP PM member Onursal Adıgüzel Mehmet and Beylikdüzü Mayor Mehmet Murat Çalık also did not leave İmamoğlu alone at the mass opening ceremony. Speaking at the mass opening ceremony, İmamoğlu also made important statements about the agenda. İmamoğlu said in summary:

“Our children will start life equal, not defeated.”

“With the 8 nurseries we built, the lives of 823 families will become easier. In these nurseries, our children will gain skills in the most modern, healthiest conditions and will start life equal, not defeated. I would like to underline that, in such a historical period, nurseries are a service that suits the idea of ​​the Republic and the centenary of our Republic in every aspect, and that they have a very symbolic value. IMM nurseries are turning into the main center of preparing the children of the Republic in an equal and fair way, in a way that will make them feel that they are the children of the Republic. Because the Republic is actually a system that first brings equality and justice to children. Republic is, first of all, a form of government that provides equality of opportunity and means. All the children of this city are the children of the Republic. We are the responsible administrators of the Republic to give each of them the value they deserve. We will give it justice. We will fight for this until the end. We all know that the Republic gave us the sense of equality and social justice. We are also responsible for raising generations who know the value of the Republic and who embrace the principles and ideals of the Republic.”