Yenikapı Hometown Meetings Start on September 21

Yenikapı Hometown Meetings Start in September
Yenikapı Hometown Meetings Start in September

📩 20/09/2023 13:40

For those who want to taste different flavors of Anatolia and those who want to satisfy their homesickness, Yenikapı Hometown Meetings will start on September 21.

Hometown Meetings hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are starting in Yenikapı. Taste-pleasing flavors from all corners of Anatolia and the ancient culture of Anatolia are brought to Istanbul. The meetings, which Istanbulites follow with interest, will start with Hatay, which Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality mobilized to revive after the earthquake disaster. Those who want to taste the most special riches of the ancient cuisine will meet at Yenikapı Event Area on 21-24 September.

Turkey's world-famous flavors and the riches of ancient Anatolian culture meet Istanbulites. Many tastes that leave a mark on the palate, from künefe to stuffed meatballs, from kuy to pita, will meet their guests in Yenikapı. Those who visit the stalls will encounter rare products of hand craftsmanship. The calendar of Yenikapı Hometown Meetings, which will start in Hatay on 21-24 September, is as follows:

Yenikapı Hometown Meetings Calendar:

Hatay: 21-24 September

Gaziantep: 28 September-1 October

Kastamonu: 5-8 October

Malatya: 12-15 October

Sivas: 19-22 October

Elazığ: 26- 29 October

Trabzon: 2-5 November

Army: 16-19 November