TAI Ranked First in the R&D 250 Research!

TAI Ranked First in R&D Research!
TAI Ranked First in R&D Research!

📩 28/09/2023 14:41

While Turkish Aerospace Industries continues to bring unique platforms to the Turkish aviation ecosystem with the experiences it has gained since its establishment in 1973, it also continues its work in the fields of domestic automation and digitalization technologies, artificial intelligence, data analytics and Industry 4.0.

Within the scope of these studies, among the companies included in the "R&D 250, Turkey's Top R&D Spending Companies 2022" research from different sectors of Turkey, Turkish Aviation and Space Industry will be among the companies in 12,5 with an R&D expenditure of 2022 billion TL. It gained the title of the company with the highest R&D expenditure. Thus, TAI increased its R&D expenditure approximately three times compared to the previous year.

Having made a total of 66 applications, including 35 in National Patent application, 29 in International patent application and 130 in utility model application, Turkish Aerospace Industry continues to strengthen the global aviation ecosystem, especially the Turkish Defense Industry, with its investments in R&D of technology for a long time. continues.

Sharing his views on the subject, Turkish Aviation and Space Industry General Manager Prof. Dr. Basic Cotyl; ''According to the research announced for the 10th time this year, we are proud to rank first among the top 250 companies that invest the most in R&D. As a result of the devoted work of our colleagues day and night, we have gained great momentum in this field by increasing the patent applications we have made every year, as well as the platforms we have implemented. It is not enough to produce a platform; you also need to equip it with the latest technologies. For this reason, we follow the future closely and make serious investments in the field of R&D. "We will continue our investments from now on," he said.