Turkish Plastic Industry Ranks 2nd in Europe and 6th in the World

Turkish Plastic Industry Ranks in Europe and the World
Turkish Plastic Industry Ranks in Europe and the World

📩 20/09/2023 13:52

According to the Turkish Plastics Industry Monitoring Report of the Turkish Plastics Industrialists' Research Development and Education Foundation (PAGEV), production will increase by 2023% on quantity basis and decrease by 2022% on value basis in 2,5 compared to 11,1, reaching 10,8 million tons and 39,3 million tons. It is estimated to be XNUMX billion dollars.

The sector rose to second place in Europe and sixth place in the world with its production capacity. In 2022, the plastic and plastic products sector maintained its position as the first exporter sector with an export of 10 billion dollars and a share of 30,3% in the total chemicals sector. The contribution of the plastics industry to the country's economy is gradually increasing, with a total production of nearly 10 million tons, a turnover of around 33 billion dollars, and direct exports of nearly 10 billion dollars.

“We should focus on products with high added value”

Evaluating the decrease in value while production increases, Özemek Plastik Turkey Regional Sales Manager Necati Yağmur emphasized that costs have increased since most of the raw materials are imported, and that our country should invest in high innovative products with more added value. Stating that they export to 55 countries as Özemek Plastik, Yağmur pointed out the importance of investments in innovative products for the Turkish plastics industry and emphasized that they have made serious investments in roller cover systems, saying, "We must produce products with higher added value for the development of the sector." Roller cover systems are an impressive solution, especially in narrow spaces such as kitchens, offices, caravans and boats. In addition, since it has a horizontal and vertical working option, it provides extra usage space in all narrow spaces, meaning that it stylishly expands living spaces wherever it is used. We think it would be beneficial to focus on such exemplary initiatives and useful products that make life easier.” said.

PVC demand is increasing

Stating that the demand for PVC products, which are widely used in all industries, has increased in recent years, Yağmur said, "Rollor cover systems, PVC edge bands, PVC profiles, products such as casing seals for wooden doors, which offer ease of use and application, are used in construction, industry, furniture, automotive, electrical, etc. It is the most important need in many areas. The market share of PVC products in the plastics industry is increasing, the PVC industry has experienced rapid growth and its future is bright. With the development of e-commerce, we established our online sales channel a1pvcmarket.com 6 years ago to ensure easier access to roller cover systems, PVC edge banding, profiles, wooden door frame seals and accessories and to respond faster to the ever-increasing PVC product demands. We complete the R&D studies and all necessary tests for the products we produce in our facilities in our own laboratories. “As a brand that breaks new ground in the PVC profile industry and is a source of inspiration, we will continue to contribute to the plastic industry and the Turkish economy.” he said.