Turkish Naval Forces Strengthened High Seas Patrol Ship Fleet

Turkish Naval Forces Strengthened High Seas Patrol Ship Fleet
Turkish Naval Forces Strengthened High Seas Patrol Ship Fleet

📩 24/09/2023 11:14

The first ship of the Turkish Naval Forces, High Seas Patrol Ships (ADKG) Project, AKHİSAR, and the second ship, KOÇHİSAR, were launched with a ceremony. In addition, within the scope of the Pakistan MİLGEM Project, PNS BABUR, the first of the four ships produced for the Pakistan Armed Forces, was delivered.

In addition to Minister of National Defense Yaşar Güler and Pakistani Minister of Defense Anwar Ali Hayder, Chief of General Staff General Metin Gürak, Commander of Naval Forces Admiral Ercüment Tatlıoğlu, President of Defense Industry Haluk Görgün, Deputy Minister of National Defense Celal Sami Tüfekci attended.

Making a speech at the ceremony, Minister of National Defense Yaşar Güler noted that the simultaneous construction of four corvettes and two offshore patrol ships in Istanbul and Karachi Shipyards within the framework of the Pakistan MİLGEM Project was a first in the history of the Republic and the defense industry. Minister Yaşar Güler said that they felt justified pride and excitement of this success.

Minister Yaşar Güler emphasized that there are strong bonds of friendship and brotherhood between Turkey and Pakistan, whose roots go back to the depths of history, and that this understanding of close friendship and brotherhood still paves the way for multifaceted cooperation and excellent relations between the countries and guides the common future.

Noting that relations with Pakistan in every field are improving day by day, Minister Yaşar Güler said, “Our projects in the field of defense industry constitute one of the important pillars of our cooperation. Moreover, considering that cooperation and solidarity between friendly and allied countries have become more important than ever in this increasingly fragile global security environment, defense industry cooperation is also of great importance. "MİLGEM projects, which are of critical importance and implemented in this context, are a great gain for Turkey and Pakistan, two active countries in their region and respected in the world." he said.

Minister Yaşar Güler stated that it was a special pleasure for Pakistan to choose them to strengthen its naval forces and continued his speech as follows:

“With this project, which demonstrates the superior level reached by the Turkish defense industry, the strategic cooperation between our countries has become even stronger, and the successful completion of the project has paved the way for new collaborations. We believe that the BABUR ship, which will be delivered today within the scope of the project, will make significant contributions to the defense and security of Pakistan by increasing the opportunities and capabilities of the Pakistan Armed Forces. "Our wish is to further strengthen this culture of cooperation and collaboration with our friendly and brotherly country, Pakistan, through land and air platforms."

Stating that they were proud to launch the first maritime patrol ships built for the Naval Forces, AKHİSAR and KOÇHISAR, Minister Yaşar Güler said, “With the addition of these ships, which demonstrate the distinguished level of our domestic and national defense industry, to our navy, our Naval Forces will further increase their operational activity and effectiveness in the blue homeland.” "It will reinforce its distinguished place among the world's leading naval forces." he said.

Minister Yaşar Güler said that on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, under the leadership of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, they are advancing towards the goals of the Turkey Century with great determination and effort, and that the opportunities and capabilities provided by the defense industry are increasing day by day.

Emphasizing that the Turkish army, with its facilities and capabilities, has successfully fulfilled all its duties, from ensuring the security of the borders to the fight against terrorism, from protecting the rights and interests in the blue and sky homeland to contributing to international peace and stability, Minister Yaşar Güler said:

“Likewise, we continue to support our dear brother Azerbaijan with the understanding of 'two states, one nation'. We follow Azerbaijan's rightful steps towards protecting its territorial integrity with great satisfaction. We will always continue to stand by Azerbaijan in sorrow and joy. In addition, we support the just causes of brother and friendly countries in Libya, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Qatar and Somalia, and contribute to regional and world peace in many geographies. "As the Ministry of National Defense and the Turkish Armed Forces, we will continue to work day and night for the survival of our country and our noble nation, including the development of our local and national defense industry, and to strive for a larger, stronger Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces."

After his speech, Minister Yaşar Güler congratulated the soldiers in the field on the 485th anniversary of the Preveza Naval Victory and the Naval Forces Day.