Ankara Flight Ticket Privileges with Turkish Airlines privileges

Ankara Flight Ticket Privileges with Turkish Airlines privileges

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History of Ankara: The Story of a Capital

Ankara, which has an important position in the historical processes it has experienced in addition to being the capital of the Republic of Turkey, is an ancient Anatolian city that has hosted many ancient civilizations. Although the exact date of its establishment is not known, all civilizations that ruled over Ankara used it as a center, and it has always stood out as an important city due to its geographical location. According to research and archaeological excavations, Ankara is a living space that has existed since the times when people settled. Your dream of following the traces of history in such an ancient geography can be fulfilled with Turkish Airlines. Ankara flight ticket You can perform with.

According to narratives that are not based on documents but have been told throughout history, the first name of Ankara is Ankyra, which was given by the Galatians and originally means "anchor" in Greek. Even this name shows that our capital has the qualities of keeping things stable, strengthening and being a center, even in the earliest periods of history. Ankara historical places When examined from its perspective, it is possible to find traces of many civilizations.

The Most Popular Historical Places of Ankara

When the archaeological findings are examined, it can be seen that Ankara was a capital city in the Hellenistic period, a provincial capital in the Roman periods, an important accommodation center in the Byzantine period, and a settlement that was always considered important as the central province of Anatolia in the Ottoman period. Because it has such an important historical background, it is important both in terms of dominant civilisations. Ankara historical architecture It has features worth examining. When it comes to Ankara's most popular historical places, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly Anıtkabir, the eternal resting place of the Great Leader Atatürk, which is integrated with Ankara.

Going back to later periods, Ankara Castle, built by the Galatians, near the center of the city, and Kalecik Castle, built by the Romans, give an idea of ​​the historical texture of the city. Studies show that all civilizations that reigned in the city have their own unique architectural features.

A Historical Day in Ankara

Since Ankara is located in the center of Anatolia, it also has historical and cultural ties with other settlements around it. Although the city center is the center of diplomacy and politics, the streets of Ankara are a city that has brought the historical texture from its past to the present day in its freshest form. The historical ruins, spread over a very wide area, are worth visiting and seeing. Nowadays in the city center and suburbs Ankara historical streets It maintains its existence and keeps the magnificent historical texture from the past alive. To experience a historical day in Ankara and see the traces carried from the depths of history to the present, THY Ankara flight ticket It will be enough to visit the city.

Ankara Flight Ticket Privileges with Turkish Airlines

Ankara historical monuments When examined, traces of civilizations that left their mark on the past can be seen. The artifacts found in historical excavations and exhibited in the Ankara archaeological museum with a magnificent chronological arrangement are capable of attracting the attention of thousands of tourists from different countries of the world. Offering unique privileges to those who want to visit Ankara from home or abroad and witness history, Turkish Airlines offers the most affordable prices. Ankara flight ticket continues its sales. Turkish Airlines, which has a major share in promoting Turkey to the world and is named as the flag carrier, offers privileges such as safety, comfort and affordable prices on Ankara flights, as in all flights. In addition to being an airline followed with admiration by the world, THY also stands out as a national value and provides service by prioritizing the expectations of peace and comfort in all its flights. Prioritizing friendly service with its trained ground and air personnel, courteous and professional flight crew, THY offers the privilege of pleasant travel with its many carefully prepared treats.